Auburn fans ready to hire Bucky Freeze

Presumably Bucky’s favorite escorts are no longer on his company phone.

They’ve been trying to fire Gus for years.

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21 million buyout is going to be hefty. But it wouldn’t surprise me.

Stranger things have happened.
Auburn and Hugh Freeze would be a perfect fit. They both are known cheaters!


Maybe it could be a package deal. Liberty could ship Auburn Hugh Freeze and the pool boy. Auburn could ship
Liberty Gus and Chad. A win, win. Both schools could get rid of guys they want to get rid of.

$21M is a boatload of money, even for Auburn. In a pandemic, I am inclined to think there won’t be the usual job hopping we are accustomed to. Schools will avoid buyouts and keep their coaches, and coaches will stick with their current school to avoid the risk of moving.

I mentioned this (again, as Hog2009 mentioned it also) more about Barry Odom than Gus. Barry’s most obvious job is his last one. He was fired as HC at his alma mater. It will take quite an offer, methinks, to get him to leave soon. P5 HC gig and not just anywhere. He is quickly making a bigger name for himself at UA than he ever did as a HC.

Hate it for those plains folk that shelled out the big bucks when the Gus bus played them against us.

Just so sad.


Certain members of the Auburn alumni are now very diligent in their search for the next stud recruiting class and which set of parents they can buy. This cycle has been repeated many times under the stunted and short trees on the Plains.

Yeah. I hate it, too. 'Bout like I’d hate a free trip to Disney World for my whole family.

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To a degree, shouldn’t we hope that Gus is retained as long as possible? I know we haven’t done all that well against him over the past few years—minus two weeks ago—but he puts together fairly beatable teams. I hope they give him a lifetime contract—or at least a Jimbo Fisher one.

I would agree insofar as the college ranks. He might get a really lucrative offer though, from the NFL, as a DC if this Hog team plays great defense all season. The NFL doesn’t seem to bring in college DCs as NFL DCs frequently, but with Barry’s positive experience as a HC, he might be an exception. I really hope he loves it here for now and loves working WITH Sam for the next few years. I’m pretty sure he has more autonomy in running the defense here than he would most anywhere else.

Only reason I want Gus to remain at Auburn is so that Chad stays long enough to reduce our buyout of his AR contract.

No doubt Gus is being careful in his actions & comments so as to not jeopardize his buyout - no motorcycle rides with coeds or female staff, no drinking Tito vodka nightly with Bert & driving home, & no discriminatory or derogatory comments against Auburn.

Auburn flaunted their hiring of Gus over Arkansas, BUT now we have the last laugh as Auburn is consequently now stuck with a mediocre overpaid coach with a hefty buyout.

Just like Ole Miss thumped their chest about “stealing” Houston Nutt from us…and, for that matter, Lane Kiffin. We’ll see how things look 3-4 years from now.

Interesting about Nutt’s departure was that Broyles brokered that deal & paid him $3M to leave. Many local OM fans here flaunted stealing Nutt from AR! That move ended HDN coaching career.

Proud that HY stuck to his guns & backed out on the Kiffin agreed deal after Sexton/Kiffin tried to up the $ by leveraging OM against us. As with most of his jobs, would be surprised if Kiffin is at OM after 2 yrs there. Not sure that he even has a permanent residence in Oxford.

I don’t think Broyles would’ve paid that $3M to Nutt. He might have brokered him going to OM, but the $3M has all the earmarks of a John White decision.

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Exactly…“stole” him from us…lol…too bad there wasn’t a picket fence that needed white-washing…lol…

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