Auburn fans are legit scared of Razorbacks

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…and they are already disgruntled about the Chadster…

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I can’t imagine Gus stays around much longer over there. Can he get another year by beating Bama and blaming Chad? Maybe.

Auburn has legitimate reasons to be worried about its trajectory. Hey, this is, what, year 7 for Gus? That’s pretty darn good these days when your name isn’t Saban or Swinney.

Gosh, that reads like our Board.

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ok, that was gold, thanks soooo much for sharing. Here’s a nugget, one of several very good ones:

"and UNFORTUNATELY, Gus and Chad are going to treat this like Alabama because they’re career losers that get up for stupid, meaningless matchups "



Auburn’s success on the field hasn’t reached the level of its recruiting class rankings.

More so last year than this, but - yes - you are correct. ALL of these boards tend to be “knee-jerk” country. Just glad we’re trending up recently.

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It certainly makes being a moderator much more fun. :grinning:

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I have an Auburn Friend that I have gone to many Arkansas- Auburn games at Auburn.

He texted me this morning and I quote “I’m scared…y’all look pretty good!!”

That was the best text I have ever received from him. A win Saturday would be the biggest win in at least 5 years IMO. We will need some luck and hope we can make our own luck…

Gus, Chad, Auburn staff know very well this is the game that game that could cost them their jobs if they lose this one at home. I’m just wondering how much the Auburn players are bought in now.
Regardless the Hogs better play their best football to date.

With their jobs on the line, Chad & Gus will be highly motivated to win this game. They will do everything possible to run up the score against Arkansas. Hopeful that the Auburn players are not too motivated.

We need for the Arkansas defense can continue to play well & our offense to execute plays & improve considerably.

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