Auburn came after Hunter

UA Fends off Auburn

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I don’t blame him for saying no to taking that gig.

Thank goodness. We’ve got to keep HY as long as possible.


This :point_up_2:

Auburn athletics is a snake pit.

And they just keep feeding and breeding the snakes.

HY is far too smart for that.

Smart enough to get a raise out of it

He has a great job at Arkansas and a top 10 Athletic program. The other programs will continue to come after him and he will keep getting very nice increases because of it and he very well should… Best AD we have ever had and I was a huge fan of Frank Broyles.

I am not an Auburn hater, but hope they go through about 4 football coaches over the next 8 years. Same with Tex Am as those two programs have the most delusional Boosters (& Fans) in college sports.

We were fortunate that we got someone who came to love Arkansas as his home when we got Frank Broyles. And when the Atlanta Falcons tempted him with going there, his wife made it clear she wasn’t going anywhere.

It’s probably not realistic to think we can get HY to the JFB level of loyalty to the program, but the longer he stays, the more likely he is to make it home. Much, of course, depends on how children & the wife view it. Right now, I’d bet they’re happy. They’re certainly well paid. Deservedly so, but nonetheless…

Which is why I expect to see Bobby p involved if kiffin is a no.

I’m not sure Bobby P carries the luster he once did.

…or IS the luster he once was… :laughing:


Petrino’s FCS team is a disappointing 3-5 this season. I’d be surprised if any SEC teams express interest.

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Bingo, I was just about to post this, strongly agree Matt.

Petrino has a limited shelf life. Longest he’s been at one school as HC was five years the second time around at Louisville, and we saw how that ended (he completely lost the team and was fired late in season 5). Only took him 3 years to screw it up at Misery State though. I think they totally focused on beating us and when that didn’t happen…

The thing with Petrino that I think many don’t consider is that it was NEVER going to end well at Arkansas. Wreck, no wreck, it was always going to be a messy divorce. That’s just how all of his exits have been.


Exactly @hogq

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Blonde or no blonde, ditch or no ditch, his recruiting was going south at UA, and it was never that good. He could get QBs and WRs but defense? Nah.

I thought we’d be good in 2012 and then go in the wrong direction after that. Turns out it plummeted a year early.

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Petrino should be an OC in the NFL. That doesn’t require recruiting and being civil to many people.

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