Auburn at Arkansas game 3

I think that umpire realizes it’s in the 30s and it’s a 5-0 game …by Golly you better be ready to hit when you step in that box LOL

The baseball team definitely hadn’t helped this week out LOL so far

Mizzou 7-4 Final over Tennessee… game two to follow

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After 5

Makes sense, as long as it’s both ways. 5 great innings from Cody; gotta win it now, he did his job and well.

Really had the best command of his curveball all year .they have not had a clue

He throws the ball like this he can beat a lot of folks bc he throws FB 95+

Gotta have two pitches.

Good sauce for sure. But the best Italian I found was in Queens. Can’t remember the name.

Bohrofen…a hitting machine


After 6

Why we running on this guy with a five run lead?

The Aggies just got shafted big time guy was picked off second but he was going to third… third baseman missed the tag but the runner slid past the bag and got his hand back on the bag only to have the third baseman knock it off and tag him and they called him out!!! And they reviewed it and upheld it if that’s the case you can just freaking knock anybody off the base and tag them

Five runs is not a big lead with three innings to go …we need to hold them down and get some more

C’mon Ledbetter

Huge out against their best hitter with runners on. wps


Aggies bases loaded 1out down 6-4 to LSU in the 8th

Nice work Hogs, through top of the 8th…can we get another run

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Aggies get a BB for a run and base hit for 2 more lead 7-6 still batting. Slow roller for an infield hit 8-6

Great job Ledbetter let’s get some insurance boys being first place by ourelf the aggies can hold on

After 8