Auburn at Arkansas game 3

It’s 36 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium.
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Great job Marty I hope you get to use that broom a lot at the end of the day!!

Adcock has a lot of ability if he can find some way to keep the ball out of the middle of a plate which is his big problem but he has the stuff to be dominant.

Their starter has a 7.71 era 12 IP 18 hits only 2 BB and 14k so he throws strikes hopefully we are aggressive and can jump on him early

Marty, maybe you should hit Matt or Scottie up to be their assistant in the press box. Might be some warmer. Matt, Scottie……it’s the gentleman thing to do. Love the broom!

Get that pretty broom dirty.

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Good start so far K, FO-7 and a K

We got a break there bc that ball was a foot outside but three up three down is always good way to start

Greed, despite Gordon Gekko’s recommendation, is not a good thing. particularly if you need base runners. Oh well…hold Adcock!!

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Very good first two innings for Adcock. Good start

Teams are going to steal us blind with Rowland behind the plate. Adcock looking pretty sharp so far just need to get him a few runs

Are all Aubie’s pitchers lefties. Argh

No but they think the hogs do t hit them very well I guess.

And, why isn’t Jones starting…another argh.

Yeah it’s because a lot our guys are left-handed is why we’re seeing all the LH and it’s not like we really been killing the ball this weekend we’ve been kind of fortunate

Nice DP

Opitz was our MVP last year IMO


Very helpful…three good starting innings from Adock…a real positive.

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Just incredible… they are much improved team

Not at the catcher position; field weak bat weak. I don’t understand how that happened.