Auburn at Arkansas game 3

Softball at Bagland: Hogs 1, Baggies 0 after 1 inning, RBI single by Linnie Malkin, left runners at the corners. Jenna Bloom pitching, gave up a single in the first but no damage.

Still 1-0 after 2. Hogs left bases loaded. Braxton Burnside made a great diving catch on a bloop in the bottom of the inning, 3 up 3 down.

Fla 6-2 over OM in the 5th…need to win today to be tied with them

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I’d like to go into Oxford next week tied with OM. It will be hard to win the series there, so it’s likely we’ll leave Oxford at least one game behind them. That’s not too big a problem. I sure don’t want to go into that series one game down. Of course, I don’t give up on the idea of winning that series—or even sweeping it for that matter—but OM is a good team. It’ll be tough on the road.

Wow. We never seem to start well.

Crap. I just got the game turned on & we’re already down 2-0 with Lockhart throwing his 8th pitch. Do we just not want to make this easy?

I’m betting our want to is there but our execution is not.

We’re accustomed to this position.

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Pitch down the middle go a long way

They are making defensive plays…

Goodheart rolling over everything

There have been a lot of weak infield hits in this series.
Does this team have too much of a HR mentality?

I see a lot of trying to pull the ball. good heart is at his best to be driving the ball to all fields like he did his first year here

There was a lot of discussion about this one of baseball podcasts this week. Talking about how we look the most like an MLB team in our hitting approach. Don’t care about average if you can hit enough home runs. Supposedly the analytics support this.

Don’t remember if it was D1 Baseball or Baseball America. I heard both of them and can’t remember which one this came up in.

I’m ready for some early offense. My heart can’t take another game where we don’t get untracked until the 7th inning.

Just not getting good swings, this guy came in over 5 era 19 hits 15 inn and really haven’t even got a good barrell on him

Lack of good contact,

At some point it would be nice for our pitchers to avoid a first inning homer! Man this becomes pretty old real quick.

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We are still doing nothing with the bats. They’re getting quick outs.

How many double plays have we hit into the last 3 days? Wow…