Auburn at Arkansas game 2

It’s 36 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium.
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Let’s go Will Mac we got to have Good will and not bad will today.
Hopefully our bats Will Come out swinging a bat quickly and get us a good lead

Their starter has a 4.41 era 16 IP 13 hits… 16 K but has 9 BB so he will walk you. Make the ball be in the zone and crush it!!

Great start Will 3 up 3 down

Let’s make that error in that walk hurt

This guy’s throwing seeds 96-97 mph you better get your bat started early

Diggs with a huge hit!! that’s what I’m talking about!! going up there and ready to hit the ball and crushed it the other way into the gap for 3


After 1

I’m Diggin’ that


Wow…AU coach grabbed the pitchers jersey as he entered dugout and drug him in. He was hot….

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Oh wow I didn’t see that… Diggs was the only one who came close to making solid contact everybody else kept swinging it balls up around their chest at 96 and he was blowing it right by them

Come on we don’t need any walks!!!

Crap!!! We get you a stinking lead and who you are coming out walking people… not missing much but you are missing and you hadn’t come in to not one hitter yet they know where you’re going with the ball

Holy Cow…
Gonna give right back to ‘em

Bases loaded no outs

Unfreaking believable

Tough second inning is just rough. Just throw the ball Uber the plate you c at walk em all.

You better get the ball down before we’re behind

Auburn athletic department seems to be a really high pressured place.

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Routine freaking ground ball has got to be an easy double play they should not be having to try to look at it but he’s safe and we just gave them a stinking run

Not that impressed with Bolton, almost wish Stovall was SS.

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