Auburn at Arkansas game 1

Yes. But, this afternoon’s game was a big win. First SEC game; now in the W column.

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With the way that AU pitcher started those first 3 innings and they jumped to that 2-0 lead, I thought we’d lose today. Ended up being a good solid win.

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Bama wins the last game against Florida probably could have won the doubleheader today…They looked to be much improved to me. They lead the SEC in hitting but the pitching is a lot better!! Plenty of big arms RH and LH

Their closer is filthy! 96-97 with a nasty breaking ball.struck out the last 7 against Florida and that incredible lineup they have He has not allowed a run this year averaging about 2’strikeouts an inning.

Everybody’s got guys like that though that’s why it’s so tough to win in this league

You need to win your home series and hang on for the ride on the road.

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It’s going to be as hard as it’s ever been maybe harder just when you think you got a good team you run into Missouri who smoked Tennessee 9-1. And Vanderbilt who came into the Ole Miss series the worst hitting team in the league has erupted for 20 runs and held a really good offensive Ole Miss team to two runs…

It’s definitely a marathon and not a Sprint

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Yes that’s why DVH is marking the pitching moves. He knows the landscape!
If you win every series this season you will be ready for Omaha

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Yes, looks like Smith is doing double duty like DVH has done with pitchers in the past. Have to do what you have to do when you are down three quality pitchers. If Mac can give us another good performance on Saturday, that will go a long way for us.

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You for sure don’t have to win every series.

In fact it hardly ever happens

Our 18 team that was an eyelash away from the NC lost every road series that year

Yep thats true…we won every series in 21 and I believe us and the Vandy team that only lost three SEC games are the only two that’s ever won ever series… The goal probably should be win you’re home series and split on the road and that’ll give you a chance to win the league pretty much every year.

This year is set up to be tougher than ever. DCH has his work cut out for him.