Auburn about to go down, and man I don't miss

Channeys offense, its painful to watch

And thats the ball game, Auburn chokes, not a single 1st down in the 2nd half with a shot at the championship

I wasn’t sure it was possible, but the Auburn loss keeps looking worse. It had its hands full with Vanderbilt, then lost to Georgia. It’s almost inexplicable that Arkansas lost that game by so much.

The bull eyes on Ark from Gus won’t ever go away it may not be the iron bowl but he wants to win it very badly as do most of those with ties to our state on his staff

Clay and other insiders have said several times that Gus wasn’t up for Arkansas more than anyone else. I just don’t buy it.

Was that the only thing? NO. I posted this before, but here is what I think:

  1. Auburn was in fact a better team (I think they have played badly the last two weeks, but still think they are a significantly better team than us)
  2. Two weeks rest.
  3. Two weeks to get ready.
  4. Home game.
  5. Gus needed that game badly. He had been on the hot seat just a few weeks before.
  6. It was Arkansas, Gus REALLY wants to beat Arkansas.

Put those all together and we get killed.

Why don’t WE want to win it very badly???