AU at Home / Advantage or Fool's Gold

Last time I made the assumption “we win because we are at home and they aren’t as good as used to be (KY), I was wrong. Then the same assumption “we’ll lose because we are on the road, they have talent coming out of their ears (AL), wrong again. I learned to throw all that logic out and get ready to play at home or on the road and forget your opponent’s record. Because from top to bottom, we are all separated by about two games. That means everybody is nearly as good as anyone else. The win and losses occur due to matchups and who is focused on that day. That brings us to AU game. Don’t put your “W” beside our name yet. AU is 12-4, that means they have won a lot more games on the road than we have. They shoot the threes from anywhere and anytime most unexpected. They attack the basket, score/draw fouls, and are very good at the free-throw line. If their shots is falling, they can bury us in a hurry. Forget the home stuff, come ready to play, or another surprise waiting.

Auburn losing Saturday didn’t help matters. The Tigers are now in serious danger of losing the outright conference championship. They will come into BWA looking for blood. Hopefully, we can play great defense and rebound well and play extremely well for the seniors.

Same ole same ole, play good D, uptempo, shoot well. W.

Biggest thing that has plagued us is mental dumb stuff. Still waiting on a game where it is cleaned up. Gotta be mentally focus and aware. Effort has been good.

Avoid fouling and sending them to the charity stripe. That’s the number 1 thing to do!
It’s senior night and the hogs don’t get beat at home on senior night very often.
Get Gafford the ball and get them in foul trouble! Guard the 3 and when they miss we have to be rebound with 2 hands and be strong with the ball! Make Auburn play defense and don’t turn the ball over!
Auburn isn’t the same team with Mclemore
And also they have a wing playing with a bad shoulder!
Pound them and the hogs wins!
At least this is what I think.

They have some injuries and one of their best players is coming off of the flu. It’s Senior night. Late start so the house should be full.

I sorta saw the UK loss coming. This one seems to be setting up for us. I think we drill them.

This game is going to require a great D effort by the Hogs.
Unless AU has an off night shooting, they can absolutely blow you out with their 3pt shooting. Brown may have a sore shoulder but he is still a very good, dangerous 3pt shooter. Harper and KeKe are also very good from behind the arc.
I’ve seen several games, where Auburn was down by 15; 20 or more and they came back to win. You gotta defend the shooters, you gotta get up on them early and you gotta keep the pressure on for the entire game.
That’s gonna be a big challenge, but I think we are up for it.
Like Gas always says, if they stay focused and stop doing the dumb stuff, like unforced turnovers, we win this game.

Our team has played some good defense of late and have rebounded very good at times, also Gafford staying out of foul trouble has been big coming down the stretch. The biggest thing I would like to see us change is our shot selection by our seniors, cleaning this problem alone could add 10 pts to our scoring totals. A bad shot is just not shooting covered up,off balance, but also the timing of the shot. One other thing is Beard has to stop driving the base line into the bigs and getting in the air with no place to go with the ball. I know these are minor issues but they should be cleaned up if we want to become more efficient and value our possessions. I noticed in our Ky loss Barford got beat off the dribble while in our press and his man was the one who drove all the way to the lane causing Thompson to come up and allowing the lob pass for the dunk, the dunk evolved when the guard beat Barford 70 feet from the basket. Yep I’m probably just nit picking but it’s the small things that cost you victory’s. We are playing for position now in the Sec Tournament a double bye would be so valuable for this team, let’s face it you can’t lose if your not playing and we want to play as few games as we can and get to the championship. Every game you have to play you take a chance of a injury, bad night, running into a hit team, winning out will wipe out those possibilities hopefully. We have a fair team some nights a good team most nights and we see flashes of a great team on occasions our fair team doesn’t show up much anymore our good team suits up most every night if our great team will just show up the last 8 minutes of every game we will probably have several games to play this season. WPS

I think the team owes this to the fans and hogs win.

Kentucky crowd was fantastic and team played indisciplined and some incomprehensible hero ball and laid an egg in front of great fan support.

If they carry over better team ball against Auburn, fans are rewarded for being among the nation’s best home courts again.

I am one of the guys that penciled this in as a win, but AUB’s performance against FL has me worried. Their two best players, very late in the game had only scored 7 pts combined. They’ll have a bounce back game. Our SR’s, however, are playing on SR night. I’m worried they’ll play hero ball on the offensive end and matador ball on the defensive end. I looked up the OP’s assessment of how great AUB’s road record is than ours. While it’s a better win/loss, it’s against weaker competition. So, this game to me is a toss up, but we will see how it goes.

I can’t believe I am saying this LOL, but we are going to have to play more man defense with their 3 shooters. Match up zone may work but I’m not sure with their shooters.

I’m expecting a win. I think we are on the upswing and due to injuries Auburn is on the downswing. They can really shoot it, and with Harper, he is dangerous in drawing the defense and pitching out. The big obvious difference between them and UK is they are very small. We should be able to hurt them some inside and they lost their best inside defender to injury. Depth is the key and we need our bench to provide the same punch they did at Alabama.

In addition to their 3-point shooting, and driving ability, they also are known for being scrappy on defense. They try to pick your pocket for easy basket and scrap for everything. their hight has not been a hindrance to rebound since they can jump high. I think we should run our offense through Gafford more than ever. Their shot blocker is gone and he can score from the top or draw fouls. We should neutralize their 3’s with some of our own, pound them from inside and rebound. If we play a cleaner game in terms of turnovers and get some help from our bench as last game, our chances are good; considering nothing is given.