A'Tyanna Gaulden feature

This is a good read from Paul Boyd about the Razorbacks’ top player off the bench.

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Aloha Matt,

Thank-you for highlighting Paul’s story. Good teamwork. Pulling for our Hogs tonight! BIG game against the Aggies. Noticed the radio network only covers NW Arkansas. Difficult to build state-wide support with limited network coverage.

Remember the old days with CFB. Before the internet and color TV. One of his early priorities was to build an extensive radio network to assist with not just building support but also for recruiting. Hopefully the Women’s team can build enough interest to expand the network.

I wonder how big the radio network is for the Baseball team? I remember back in the 1970s with CND the radio network and baseball interest was minimal. Now, our baseball team is a national powerhouse and a revenue producer. I think our Women’s basketball program has the potential to replicate our baseball team’s success.


Last year there were 23 AM/FM affiliates for the RSN baseball broadcasts. Some of those were sister stations that might carry the game on AM if the game was preempted by something on FM. I don’t know numbers for other schools, but I would assume that Arkansas’ affiliate list is huge compared to most programs.

I tend to think most people are listening to games online now, via TuneIn or the Gameday apps. And the proliferation of TV and online broadcasts have made it to where some probably have stopped listening to the radio broadcasts for the most part. I rarely listen to them anymore, whereas six or seven years ago I listened to all of the games that were on the road and not on TV.

Last season I was able to listen to all baseball games and watch on ESPN +.
Well I did have to watch the Texas series on the short horn network!

There’s plenty of ways these days to find a way to watch and listen! The women’s basketball team has plenty of depth and beginning to add the size to compete for the rebounds and protect the post. It would be great for them to beat the Aggies tonight.

According to the LSU website, they have 13 stations for baseball. Their radio network for all sports is only 31 stations total, including five sister stations where there is AM coverage if FM is preempted or vice versa (one of their stations is in Conway). Moo U has 20 stations carrying baseball. I can’t imagine any other school having more.