Atwater deserves a statue or visible honor at stadium

I know we aren’t into retiring numbers, but If we ever had a ring of honor like thing at stadium, #27 should be there.

He was and is all all Razorback and brought that attitude.

We are fortunate he is one of ours. … 63264?s=20

Would be nice if they could figure out a good way to honor some of the greats.

should be a simple process…if an all-american;all-pro numerous times…then should be in "the ring of honor"if(and he should definitely be)and when he gets into either the nfl or college hall of fame…number retired…simple rules…joe ferguson;dirt winston are 2 others that come to mind

I agree. Something should be done to recognize the greats from the past. The Smiling Assasin should definitely be part of that group.

If we had a “Ring of Honor”, like the Cowboys have, these are the first folks (25) that come to mind (in no particular order):

Wear Schoonover
Lance Alworth
Clyde Scott
Bud Brooks
Loyd Phillips
Ronnie Caveness
Glen Ray Hines
Bobby Crockett
Kenny Hatfield
Chuck Dicus
Bill Montgomery
Cliff Powell
Billy Ray Smith Jr.
Dan Hampton
Dirt Winston
Steve Little
Quinn Grovey
Steve Atwater
Jason Peters
Matt Jones
Tony Bua
Darren McFadden
Felix Jones
Frank Broyles
Jerry Jones

I don’t see Bua or Dirt Winston as all-time greats, and I do see Wayne Martin as an all-time great. But otherwise a pretty good list. They could use part of those towers in the southern corners which currently hold the giant Walmart ads to include a “wall of honor”, I think.

Got to disagree with you on Winston and Bua, Swine.

We’ve had somewhere around 60 all-Americans in UA history, of whom 24 were consensus AAs. Dirt and Bua are not on that list. Luigs, Mabry and Leotis Harris were. So was Hunter Henry, but it’s probably too soon for his inclusion on such a list. Shawn Andrews should definitely be on this list, BTW.

A Ring of Honor seems like a great idea. I wonder why nothing like that has been done?

Someone would have to spearhead something like this to make it happen. Sounds like something David Bazzel could pull off.

Who could make it happen?

That list of 25 was just off the top of my head - certainly, arguments could be made for others. I have no beef with anyone you mentioned, Swine. And, also, there’s nothing magical about 25 - could be more, or less. Just picked a “round number”.

I thought a lot about Shawn Andrews, and could go either way with him. Probably would include him at some point. But for this totally subjective list, I factor in BOTH Arkansas and NFL production and positive exposure for the Razorback program. Shawn was a great college player, but borderline bust in the NFL. Meanwhile, Jason was a good, productive college player but a certain Hall of Famer in the NFL (once his time comes).

Bua was, I believe, the all-time tackles leader when he graduated, and he was a “spark plug” for the defenses he played on - plus, a fan favorite. He’d make my list. Winston gets the nod because of his role in the stunning upset of USC, plus NFL productivity.

Again - in MY subjective list. I welcome the thoughts of others. We each have our own “lists”.

List may need to be bigger then, depending on how you classify all time greats & accomplishments & special games.
Add the these guys,

Joe Ferguson
Dicky Morton
Bill Burnett
Jerry Eckwood
Roland Sales
Mike Reppond
Kenoy Kennedy

All American Kicker during the Hatfield era.
Name escapes me now.

I think you’re referring to Kendall Trainor (kicker). Those you mention would also be strong candidates, as would Ben Cowins. There are others, as well.

Personally, I would not include Sales or Repond. Nice careers, but not “Ring of Fame” worthy, IMO. Same with Eckwood. He absolutely would have been included had it not been for injuries that cut his career short. There has to be some degree of exclusivity, or before you know it we’d have 40 or more.

Who are some the football players and coaches already in the AR Hall of Fame or any other HOF? That would be a good place to start.

College Football HOF:
Hugo Bezdek
Frank Broyles
Jimmy Johnson for what he did at Miami
Danny Ford for what he did at Clemson
Lou Holtz for all over the place
Barry Switzer for OU
Bowden Wyatt
Ronnie Caveness
Chuck Dicus
Loyd Phillips
Wayne Harris
Wear Schoonover
Clyde Scott
BR Smith Jr
Lance Alworth

Pro Football HOF
Dan Hampton
Jerry Jones as owner

Arkansas Sports HOF – I started trying to compile a list of ex-Hog players and gave up after 25 names only into the H’s alphabetically.

I knew you would check this out. Thanks.

Now, what Hog players have been All-Americans and/or won one of the major post-season awards? (Doak Walker, etc.)

Best I can tell we’ve had 51 players make somebody’s major All-America team (not some geek in his basement naming AAs). Of those, 24 were considered consensus. Not going to list them all here. But one of the CFBHOF members I listed above was not a consensus AA, and I’d dare you to leave him out of our Ring of Honor (I’ll let you guess who).

Major awards, depends on what you mean. Most of these are very recent. Darren McFadden couldn’t have won the Doak Walker if he’d played in 1988 because it didn’t exist. Neither did the John Mackey or Dave Rimington awards, so you have to have played in the last 30 years to have a shot at one of those.

Heisman – nobody.
Maxwell – nobody.
Outland – Bud Brooks, Loyd Phillips
Walker – DMac
Mackey – DJ Williams, Hunter Henry
Walter Camp – DMac
Rimington – Jonathan Luigs

I’ll play . . . I’m going to say Lance Alworth. He led the nation in punt returns but his offensive numbers were very modest - especially by today’s standards. He was a victim of the very conservative style of play in those days - “defense first”. However, he was always a difference maker, and everybody saw just how much when he hit the AFL.

Well… you’re right and I was half wrong. Neither Lance nor his Hog teammate, Wayne Harris, were consensus AAs, but they’re both in the CFBHOF. Thumper is who I was talking about. (Remember that my dad was UA teammates with both of them, so I’ve heard stories about both all my life. Mainly Harris; Dad was a linebacker so Wayne helped keep him on the bench.)

Harris is in another football hall of fame, the one north of the border. I’ve always thought it was interesting that when he retired from the CFL, Wayne chose to stay in Calgary. He became a corporate executive up there (employment is a pretty good incentive to stay) and his son is now a coach in the CFL. He was even pictured on a Canadian postage stamp.

One more thing. UA picked an all-century team for our 100th anniversary of football in 1994, although I can’t find the list. People on that would be a pretty good place to start a ring of honor. Lance and Thumper are both on it, I’ll guarantee you.

I suspect JFB always regretted that he didn’t make better use of Alworth when he was here. Not that they did badly with him on the roster, but as our motorcycle riding philanderer used to say, you gotta feed the studs.

I remember, I think, Orville writing in a column that Coach Broyles thought about moving Lance to quarterback, but he did not. He probably would have been a heckuva option quarterback. He was way underutilized, but football was a different game in the early 60’s. Lance was a superb athlete in both football and baseball and ran a 9.6 hundred yard dash. That was fast for the time, real fast.

Dicky Morton has to be included in the great players. He was one of the greatest running backs in Razorback history. Dicky peeled off a 9.4 hundred, smoking’ fast. Tony Bua was very good, but not in the class of the greats, in my view.

Dennis Winston was a beast. He and Wayne Harris were probably our best linebackers, ever.

Y’all do know that there is a University of Arkansas Sports Hall of Honor, right? Following are links to the list of honorees through 2017 and the 2018 inductees.

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