Atwater - “Arkansas falls from the unbeaten” NYT

Saw this New York Times archive mentioning the almost interception that haunts to this day,

Love that he spoke to the team.

#27 should be honored in some way somewhere in our stadium in my opinion. … eaten.html

I guess it’s human nature, or maybe it’s just me, lol but I remember as vividly the plays that Atwater didn’t make as much as the plays he did make. This game and the 87 Longhorns game are both in the W column and we are in the NC conversation if he just makes plays that he was in perfect position to make. He’s one of the best to ever play for us, but even he wasn’t perfect. Such is life.

Of course the 87 game happened probably 25 yards away from me and i saw the pick/knock down coming and started celebrating the win and then had to come to the realization that he whiffed and Jones had caught the ball with no time remaining. That was a lifelong scarring experience for a young razorback fan.

That almost interception at Miami and almost undefeated regular season is 30 years ago this year.

I’m feeling old.

there is a reason they play DB=drop balls