Attn Russellville folks

Just passing through and noticed that huge building under construction. What’s it?

Really nice for the area.

Isn’t that the casino?

Someone else needs to confirm this.

There is a tall building under construction next to the dog track in west Memphis. That has to be a casino.

Must be a change in the law in Arkansas-for gambling.

there was a law passed in 2018 that authorized casinos in Jefferson and Pope Counties and allowed Oaklawn and the Dog Track to expand their facilities into full blown casinos.Saracen is the one in Pine Bluff and the one in Pope County faced several legal challenges before getting the go ahead

I visited the one in Pine Bluff. Very clean and folks there were friendly. Self serve coffee and drinks but kitchen smelled good. Lots of machines but place was not overcrowded by no means. Small High Limit area but most of the machines had high bets on them in the main area. Table games. Stayed about 3 hours with a friend. Broke even playing small change. :joy::joy::joy:

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I was in Hot Springs last weekend and visited Oaklawn’s Casino

Very nice indeed

The most surprising and pleasurable part-
There was no smoking in the casino

Yep. That’s a plus.

I thought casino construction was under way in Russellville but apparently not. They have selected a contractor though. Apparently there is litigation on the casino license.

The building going up is ConAgra.

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I’ve been to both Saracen and Oaklawn. Oaklawn is MUCH nicer. I went to Saracen three times before going to Oaklawn. I’ve been to Downstream multiple times and they’ve done a great job with all areas of that casino/resort. Saracen, even with the same top management, is nothing even close to Downstream. I was very disappointed, in the inside and outside.

I didn’t go to Oaklawn because their first “almost casino” was so poorly put together that I didn’t see how it could be decent without leveling everything and starting over. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The place inside and outside is really nice. I haven’t been inside, but the new hotel looks very nice from the outside. I also like the no-smoking.

As a “table games” only player, (never slots), my local casino trips from now on, will be to only Oaklawn.

Love me some Baccarat and Blackjack. The first is relaxing and the second is serious, some times too stressfully serious.

I generally play slots. I have no particular favorite but if it looks funny I go to it. Used to play 3 card poker. Will never play blackjack. Got burned in Korea in 1979. Have never played since then. :joy::joy::joy:

I assume this is the latest on the casino in Russellville

Haven’t been to Saracen and obviously I’ve been to Oaklawn numerous times. Perfer Hot Springs over Pine Bluff so not sure I’ll ever go to Saracen. It’s my understanding the track will be smoke free for the upcoming meet and there will be only one enclosed area for smoking in the casino. So glad.

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Arkansas Business reported on Sept. 13 that the state Supreme Court will decide which group gets the Pope County casino license. Until that is settled, there will be no construction.

You probably already know, but Oaklawn has opened their hotel, so if you come for a week-end, you can stay in their hotel. I haven’t been inside the hotel, but it looks nice from the outside. Saracen hadn’t even started their hotel construction the last time I was there (about a month ago).

I’ve been there and walked around. Very nice. The First Turn bar and The Bugler are great places to have a drink and eat while sitting outside.

Hate to say it and I hope I’m wrong but with Saracen not breaking ground on the hotel makes me think the casino is underperforming. No proof of that but just me thinking out loud.

Arkansas Times reported three weeks ago that the credit rating for the Quapaw tribe subsidiary that operates Saracen has just been upgraded. That will make it easier to get financing for the hotel, which is still in the planning stages. According to the state Racing Commission, Saracen had higher casino gambling revenue than Oaklawn for whatever month they were reporting. Southland just about equaled the other two combined.

Hotel is very nice… great rooms

Yes. Smoking is outside only.