Attention PJ

DK Metcalf is going to try to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the 100 meter dash. Track people think he has no shot, but…

Go for it. Only live once.

Good for him.

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It will be interesting to see. I expect him to get smoked,

BTW, this guy has raw speed and if he trains for track for an extended period, he could compete at the highest level.

This will be live on NBC from 3:30 to 5 pm central on Sunday. Some of sprinters running against DK are Michael Rodgers, world #7 and US #2, Ronnie Baker, world #18 and US #5, Chris Belcher, world #28 and US #8.

It will be a good test for DK.

Agreed. Track is much more than just pure speed. Perhaps DK has put a ton of work into technique, starts, etc. I kinda doubt he has that sort of time but I might be wrong.

His trainer is the same one that trained Trell Kimmons. He was an Olympian and very successful in the 100 meter. He knows talent. I wouldn’t bet against him qualifying.

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