Attention Elite Arkansas Girls Basketball Players

You don’t have to go to a school in the cold drab Northeast part of the country to play at the highest level of the college game. You can do that right here in the Neighborhood, where your friends and family can see you play and nobody will make fun of the way you talk.


Pure gold.

I like the ‘Neighborhood’ :boar::boar:

The Razorbacks are starting to win some of those recruiting battles, as evidenced by Elauna Eaton and Jersey Wolfenbarger signing. But I think it is always going to be hard for Arkansas to beat out UConn or Baylor or a team of that national status if they set their sights on a recruit from the state. Wins like last night help in that regard.

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Same way it’s hard for MA or Muss to get a kid if Duke or UNC or Kentucky want him, as evidenced by Business Decision and the Brand. Used to be Pat Summitt could pull kids out of Arkansas too, but I think our program now is at least as good as EOE, maybe better.

I don’t think wins like last night help if the recruit is pursued as a priority by UConn for the women’s game. Last night’s win was considered an upset. It has to get to the stage where such a win is expected or at least it is an even bet. I think winning the SEC first will get us 80% there.

Nolan was able to beat the then powerhouse Georgetown to Corliss because MayDay gang had made us elite.

Of course, a lot depends on the recruit. Recruits like Joe Johnson, Portis, Gafford, Eaton, Wolfenberger are all with the Hogs and don’t allow elite schools to get close to them. But then there is Monk, Goodwin, Crystan Williams and Sasha Goforth.

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Molester State is not an elite program; they’ve been to exactly as many Final Fours as we have. And Corn Valley ain’t nothin’ (I’ve been there). It’s like Starkville with fir trees. Evidently she just wanted to get out of Fedvul. It happens. I grew up in a college town and there was no steenking way I was going to Henderson or Ouachita.

BTW Sasha has started every game and is averaging 12.8 games for the Beavs.

Yep. Sasha the Slasha was going forth north, no matter who our coach was. She spoke a lot of connecting with the players they had returning. I think it was a combination of geography and basketball that led her to Corvallis.

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