Last year was our first at a new venue for the Razorback Watch Party for the Dallas area, after 10 years at the former site (BWW on Belt Line Road). We now congregate at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Carrollton. We had crowds ranging from 10 to more than 25 people show up for games last season.

Please join us this season at the same location. This Buffalo Wild Wings is on the border of Carrollton and Plano. The address is 3320 E HEBRON PKWY., CARROLLTON, TX 75010. It is located on the SW corner of Midway and Hebron; just west of that intersection, on the left as you are heading West. This is the place where Park Road turns into Hebron. There is a small collection of mostly restaurants in that corner, and BWW is kind of in the middle of that group.

The layout is a bit different; whereas the Addison location (former site) was long and narrow (in the main dining area), the new location is a big square open area, with TV’s lining the perimeter. There are booths on the walls, and a lot of open tables in the middle.

As always at BWW, seating is first come, first served. With this being the opening weekend…and other big games on the schedule at the same time, it may start to fill up early…Bottom line, if you arrive at kickoff there may or may not be “good seating” left. So that part is up to you.

Hope to see several of you there!

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~Bump~ for Saturday…

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