Attended the game last night

with my sister. My first razorback game in over 10 years.

So we fully take credit for the win. :smiley:

Couple of observations.

Anton Beard is a warrior. I know a lot has been said about him, but we got there when the doors opened and watched shoot around. He could barely walk and the trainers spent a lot of time getting him ready. I think he limped the whole game but still fought for rebounds when he was caught in a switch underneath and when he got hammered on the layup, I didn’t think he would get back up. He left every thing on the floor.

I was proud of how hard the team played. Several times they could have quit. Georgia has some big guys and they kept rotating big guys that played really physical. Gafford has bruises this morning. I thought it was all out effort on defense and defensive rebounding turned the game around.

Macon and Barford were exhausted by the end. Glad this was Tuesday game, they need every day possible to recover.

A shout out to Macon, we were standing near the court when he came off, I tapped my vein and shouted ice water to him, he gave us a little smile and tapped his vein also.

Shout out to Bob Holt. Met him at the door before the game. He took time to stop and talk with us. What a really nice guy.

Good observations. I thought the same thing about it being a Tuesday game. It should be noted that Oklahoma State had a similarly draining game last night, although it didn’t go into overtime. OSU was up 15 in the second half and ended up losing 75-70 at Texas Tech. It will travel twice in about three days, so I expect both teams will be on about equal footing when it comes to potential fatigue.

I’m glad you were able to meet Bob. He is a joy to work around and, like you said, one of the nicest people you will meet.