Has the NCAA announced anything about attendance for all the regionals last weekend yet. Did the HOGS lead for the average attendance for 3 games?

I haven’t heard, but if I were guessing I’d say we either led or were in the top 2-3. At least we would have for the games we played. Attendance was a bit down because we played our first game on a hot Friday afternoon. Would’ve been higher if we’d played at night.

LSU would have probably been as high or higher, but they played out west where attendance was low. Ole Miss played 4 games, but one was Monday afternoon. I’d bet attendance was down a bit for that game. Of course, their Friday games were rained out. I don’t know how much weather affected their Sat attendance. So. Car. & MSU also played away from home. UF & UGA don’t draw as well as we do. Texas might have had big numbers, especially for the A&M game.

I have not seen those numbers. I think I probably will in the next day or so.

The key is to look at the per-game average because some regionals have one extra game. Arkansas, for instance, had the most tickets sold to a regional last season, but its per game average was below LSU. Arkansas had seven regional games and LSU had six.

Arkansas’ per-game average is going to be hurt some this year because of the opponents. Southern Miss, Dallas Baptist and Oral Roberts do not travel like Missouri State and Oklahoma State, especially not to Fayetteville.

Attendance for the three home games for the Fallopians in their regional was around 7,000 (Disch-Falk’s listed capacity is 6,756). Aggies drew 6,811 and 6,852 for their games with Indiana in Austin. The Indiana-Texas Southern game was reported at 6,744.

Only ballpark hosting last weekend with capacity anywhere near Baum is OM. The Rebnecks reported 11,304 for Saturday night, 10,891 for Sunday, and 10,180 and 10,062 yesterday. The TTU-MoState game was reported at 9,815. MoState-Saint Louis did not have a listed crowd on the box score. TTU-MSU was 9,776.

Florida’s total attendance for both games yesterday was less than 5,000. Their new ballpark will only have 5,000 chairbacks, but there will finally be some seats in the shade, which they don’t have now for day games. But they don’t recruit based on rabid fan support. They recruit on location (Gainesville and the campus apparently recruit for themselves) and winning big. Oh yeah, and Florida kids; 29 Floridians on their roster, four from anywhere else (including Kowar, who is from Charlotte).