If they announced it, I missed it. Was obviously a huge crowd, but did they ever say how big?

they said 12,000

11,217 officially.

We had as many fans in attendance for 1 game than Florida had for 2 games!

We have the best fans in college baseball!

I saw the avg attendance on the other super regionals a couple of days ago. Then we were avg 4000 more fans that the others

We have 4,000 more seats than any of the others too. Texass was the only other park hosting a super with more than 5,000 capacity.

I’m sure that’s true, but I think it’s more likely the size of our park reflects our fan interest rather than causes it. One question I’d like answered is what percentage of capacity attended the games. I couldn’t tell how full the stands were in Austin, but they hardly looked packed in Gainesville. I’m sure the stands at Red Stick, Oxfart, & Stankville would have been quite full, but none of their teams hosted a super & only one is heading to the CWS.

Austin looked pretty full every time I saw action from there, in the regional or the super. Ditto Lubbock. Gainesville was pretty close. I didn’t see anything from Nashville or Corvallis or Fullerton or Chapel Hill.

There is no venue like our stadium for college baseball and it’s not even close… even the opposing coaches can’t help but admire what we have and that says it all.