Attendance Question

Swine mentioned in another post that we possibly could have sold 20k tickets today, if we had the space to put people, given the fact that we likely had that many fans last year in Omaha… which begs the question from me…How do we sell 13,472 tickets for a March game last year against USC, but supposedly sell out all of our tickets at 11,350 for the Super Regional this year?

Did we reduce a seating area somewhere by that much?
Did we decide to cut off the number for the Hog Pen at over 2K less than previous years?
Maybe we knew not that many would show up in March, so just took advantage of the chance to sell more GA then?
Since the NCAA supposedly gets a cut of the gate for the tournament games, do we under-report sales (sneaky)?

Can’t blame it on the stupid scanners this time since we reported 11,350 sold and 10,824 actual today…so what gives?

Not that important in the grand scheme of things, I’m just curious. Everyone always talks about there being plenty of tickets for sale outside before all games, so I think we should oversell some on the GA seats anyway. But from TV, it sure didn’t appear you could have crammed many more in there today.

At the time I thought that was the case. I don’t think more than 13,000 people can fit in the stadium.

Remember that the reported number includes everyone in the ballpark, including hundreds of people - media, concession workers, stadium employees, etc. - who do not have tickets.

Arkansas averaged 11,085 tickets sold to each game at the super regional last year, but the average attendance at each game was 11,473.

That makes sense. Thanks, Matt! Just always a little strange when one of the TV guys will reference the record crowd of over 13,400 vs USC and usually say something to the effect that the number will certainly be challenged or eclipsed today. And then several innings later they announce the crowd at 11,350. And it’s obvious from the pictures that there is no way another 2k could possibly fit.

That record crowd against the Broomheads was tickets sold, not butts in seats. NCAA lets you do that.

I knew we didn’t actually have that many in the park, Swine. My point was how we could sell over 2k more tickets then than what we do now for a regional or Super. As I suspect, and Matt tends agree, we likely oversold the GA tickets then knowing not everyone would show up for a March game.