Attendance levels for Regional and Superregionals

Any speculation on what the expected attendance levels will be for the baseball regionals given the Covid bubble, etc.? Any chance that by late May we could fill up the stands?

They’ve been gradually increasing the number of people they’re letting into Baum-Walker, but I don’t think it will get up to full attendance by regional time in June.

Will the NCAA overrule the local attendance rules we have in place?

They didn’t overrule IU at the Dance. IU said we’ll take 500 at Assembly Hall, they went with 500. The other sites took more, they went with that.

From the look of attendance at the last 2 games, I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t at 10,000 with the May increase.

I had people directly in front of me and directly behind me at the Auburn series. They were definitely within 6 feet (more like 2-3 feet).

Why not sell it out?

Since the NCAA is selecting sites early because of covid protocols, I have every expectation that they will limit attendance, especially if we see a surge (as some are predicting) in the next few weeks. I (unfortunately) don’t think the UA will be the ones deciding how full it can be.

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