Attendance for the SW Classic

It’s 20 minutes before kickoff and there are not many in the stadium. There has been no traffic coming into the stadium this morning. An early kickoff is part of that.

But, I am hearing that the sell has been light for this game on both sides. If that’s the case, I don’t see this contract completing it’s cycle (until 2024). I think the Aggies want to bail on it. Arkansas might agree if what I’m seeing plays out, a small crowd.

Maybe it’s just run it’s course. The folks who wanted to see this stadium (despite an expensive price) have done so.

Well I don’t know Clay

I came down without tickets
Weren’t a lot on the ticket sites
And very few for sale outside stadium
Wound up buying from Aggie

But certainly not full inside

I heard Jeff Long’s interview with Chuck this morning on the radio. He is still talking about connecting with our alums in DFW and recruiting both athletes and regular students from that area. He has to know that we’re not selling many tickets but he keeps talking like that. What I’m wondering is if Jerry’s going to keep giving both teams 3 or 4 million bucks a game when the ticket sales don’t support it.

I think the attendance is the byproduct of both teams being average early in the season. It would be a big ticket if both were better. A bunch of Arkansas people were here last year after the TCU win.


Roger that

It looked like a big time spring game!

It’s a result of the product on the field.

I agree that the product on field has impact on the fan support and more to the point it is the continued repeat of the same mistakes that makes it more difficult to stomach. This history with TAM should be a case study for Arkansas fandom.

I will continue to support my team and school. I will also enjoy the good things and just ignore the bad ones as there is no free agency to solve this mid season. The staff, team, and support group will figure it out or it will solve itself.

I was shocked how sparsely populated the A&M side (across from my seats in the Arkansas section) were. Of course, I couldn’t get as good a view of the corresponding Arkansas section because I was sitting in it (and too lazy to walk to the other side and take a look).

I will say the crowd was very, very loud when there were big plays - and there were several. Also, during the late game drama. But, that’s partially because ALL of the sound is trapped inside the stadium.

TAMU has let it be known for sometime of their wish of moving the home half of the series back to BCS.