Attendance for the MU game

I know this is hardly on anyone’s mind, but to change the subject a bit, I was wondering what the attendance looked like to those at the game Friday. It appeared to me to be a bit better than the week before. Hardly great attendance, but not awful. Of course, the student section was almost bare, but the west stands & SEZ looked mostly filled. Any eyeball estimates on crowd size?

I think it probably was around 40,000.

40,000? Ouch. Not as good as I thought it looked like on TV. I guess that’s still better than the week before when people were talking 35,000, but not much better.

I would guess it was more than that, maybe 50,000. From the press box, you can’t see the entire the west side lower bowl. I can from the east side club. The lower bowl was probably 85 percent full on that side and the upper deck was pretty full in the middle three sections. The sections on either end, not so much.

On the east side lower bowl, there were two huge holes that were not matched on the west. The visitors section (northeast) was virtually empty except for the first 10 rows or so. The student sections (south east) was, understandably, almost empty.

I would have guessed 45,000. Couldn’t see upper deck on East side.

How much did the BB Hogs playing UNC at the same time affect the attendance? I’m more of a BB fan, than a FB fan. I stayed home so I could watch both games on my split screen. My 30 year old son wasn’t about to miss the BB game, either. Gave my football tickets to my daughter, and 2 of the 5 tickets went unused.

I would have stayed home to watch BB Hogs play UNC, unless both the Hogs and Mizzou were ranked high, and we were playing for a major bowl.

Looked to me like it was in the 45-50,000 range, about twice the Miss State crowd.

I could only base my estimate on what I saw on TV, but it looked to me to be much larger than the MSU crowd. Perhaps not twice as high, but still a good bit higher.

I agree. Sometimes I think people in the press box underestimate the crowd because there are more people on the west than east. Because of where they sit, they can’t see the entire west side.

Absolutely. I know _ally _all always downplays crowdsize. I give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s seeing it only from the press box. (Yeah, I know. Why give him the benefit of the doubt?)

The pictures I’ve seen taken the past 3 games and posted on various sites always are shot from the press box. The east side is never as full as the west, and in those 3 games especially. Student attendance was nonexistent for Coastal Carolina, Miss St., and Missouri. Plus none of those 3 brought hardly any fans. No surprise with Coastal, but Miss St. I would have brought way more than they did, and Missouri for sure I would have thought would have more. They had way more 2 years ago in horrible weather. You take having no visitors section or student section occupied seats and the east side can be pretty sparse. I wish those of you on the west side could see the west side, it looked pretty good actually compared to some other games I’ve seen.

For what it’s worth, I saw the upper west side Saturday. It had a lot more people than the upper east side. I know better than to base my estimates on what I can see from the press box.

I would go with this because the home side was pretty full while the visitor side didn’t appear to have as many empty seats, especially between the 20s.

Of course, you can’t see the inside club or box areas, but here is a picture of the outdoor crowd:


That’s a pretty good crowd considering its the day after Thanksgiving, we had a 4-7 record, and we all knew it was CBB’s last game. I’d say from that photo the attendance was 50k or a bit better. It’s about 3/4 full