Attendance for LSwho game

Wondering if this game is gonna be close to being sold out? I knw it’s gonna be a cold night, but I hope we show up on senior night. I think this will be a good close game. WPS!

I would be shocked - I believe the most tickets sold for any game this season ( including Alabama) has been around 55,000 tickets with around 40,000 in attendance



Opening weekend of modern gun deer season

Expecting about 40,000

I’ll be there!

Not going to be close to a sellout, and with the forecast, smallest crowd of the season wouldn’t surprise me.

Forgot abt opening deer season, was thinking since it’s a night game would bring more to the game even on a cold night and last home game.

65,000 tickets sold for the Bama game.

I don’t need to get sick! I’m stuck with the TV for now. My kids are heading up on Friday night. I hope it a good crowd but nothing would surprise me.
About 35,000 would be my guess. The 2-7 record has more to do with the attendance than modern gun season for deer! That’s my thought. The weather is only a factor for old timers like most folks on the board.

I’ll surprised if they break 50,000 tickets scanned.

It’ll be the biggest crowd of the year.

I agree. 11:00 am games are not good for attendance ANYWHERE.

Flying in from Sacramento, CA


LSU travels…

They basically turned back their upper deck tickets, so they only “sold” the lower section. I’m sure they’ve picked up some others throughout the stadium, but how many own thermals, lol?

Let’s fill the stadium. I’m coming in from Houston, and my friends are flying in from NYC to experience an SEC night game.


LSU fans have not traveled as well to the games in Fayetteville as they did in Little Rock, which is not surprising given the proximity difference.

I’ll be there! Bundle up and come support our Hogs!

Kid stuff is about done in NWA. Laugh if you want, but I have heard from many who have tickets who haven’t been able to go to a 11 a.m. game because of peewee football, soccer, etc. They have all been torn: Go to see kids, grand kids or nephews/nieces, or go to see Hogs. The game times have just been horrible.

No, the weather is going to be cold and knock a few out, but I think there are many who are going to enjoy the tailgate and the game who have not been there at the 11 a.m. games.

There are several duck hunters in La…lol
Turning back tix from the upper deck??? What a horrible view— many do stub hub —
We will see -
Hopefully we pack the place !

Oh plz-
Proximity is not a prob for that crazy fan base -
Ie - gainsville, Auburn, chk those attendance numbers—
Since moving the game back to Fayetteville, the team was coached by someone under fire and out of the conference race.
Let’s pack the place and not worry.

Clay this is so very true. As a father of 3 young kids in Fayetteville, I can tell you from personal experience that 11:00 games are virtually impossible sometimes due to kids organized sports activities. The proliferation of year-round sports leagues and travel teams (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Dance, Cheer, Gymnastics, etc) has really exacerbated this problem. I see it in my own family, including grandparents, etc that are torn between watching kids/grandkids or going to an 11:00 game. And it’s not just us–this is a widespread phenomenon among elementary and middle school families around NWA. There’s a lot of die-hard Hog Fans (myself included) that will pick watching the Hogs over almost anything else in this world–except for watching our own kids.