Attendance at Ladies Game today

It sure looked like the biggest of the season. Anybody know?

The announced attendance was 4,402. It was at best the third largest of the year behind the elementary day game and the game against Kentucky.

I assume that’s scanned tickets? There are a lot of 12 and under kids there that come in free without a ticket… I know I had two with me :slight_smile:

If they come in free and do not have a ticket, they are not part of the equation. No money involved. And, those are the games that I want to miss. Too much screaming!

No kidding (pun intended). After I streamed my first elementary school day telecast some years ago, I vowed never again. Each season since, I still stream that game, but with the mute button firmly pushed.

I too have been to those elementary day games a couple of times and they are the worst… the games on Sundays where kids get in free is not like that at all… for the most part it’s not 6 and 7 year old kids but 9 to 12 year old kids. I know my grandchildren (8 & 12) are really into the games, cheer when it’s appropriate, yell at the refs and call the hogs. They’ve been taught well :slight_smile:

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