Att Richard

…please get this vid to Coach Neighbors. If Pistol Pete was re-incarnated as female , this is what you get! :sunglasses:

had posted a neat lil vid yesterday, missed the political shot in the tweet,so deleted.

She’s good. Heard Mike has made contact with her AAU coach.

I wanted to high five her when video finished.

I was fortunate to see Pistol Pete play for the NO Jazz in 1976-1978 while I was living in NOLA. He was hurt a lot that second year but was an amazing shooter. I went to almost every Jazz home game those two seasons. Tickets for the upper deck in the Superdome were $4. Parking was $5. It was a horrible venue for basketball even though they put the court on one side and portable bleachers on the other. You were so far away they looked like ants. I haven’t been to an NBA game since. I guess tickets are a little more than $4 now

The request was sorta kinda in jest, but cool :sunglasses:

A six year old has an AAU coach?

My immature sense of humor coming through here.