Atmosphere tonight

The best way I know how to describe the atmosphere downtown today is that of a football bowl game. There are thousands of Arkansas and Ole Miss fans in town for this game — more Razorback fans, but a large number of Rebels, too.

It should be a great environment tonight.


Will be unbelievable!!

wps to that

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Gonna be hot, too. 95 at game time. Still 90 by 9:00 p.m.

I feel bad for those who have been across the street running up the Jell-O shot scores all day. They are going to need a lot of water.


How much are we ahead by on the Jell-O shots, Matt?

It will update at 5 p.m. Arkansas was ahead by about 700 at the last update.

My wife and I actually ate at Rocco’s today with some neighbors who drove up last night. The rumor was that they are running low on products because there has been such high demand for Jell-O shots this weekend.

To put it in perspective, Mississippi State fans set the record with 2,000-something shots over a two-week span last year. Arkansas and Ole Miss fans have both exceeded that record in three or four days.

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Go Hogs, lol. We want to win everything.

I’ve heard someone walked in and put $900 down to serve Arkansas fans.

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And now $900 looks small.

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Ol’ Rocco is 2nd best marketing genius I know….behind only Muss!

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Yep. Been many a time when I was a Platoon Sergeant that I had soldiers do that the night before field training and then have to get stuck with an IV to get their stuff together. :joy::joy:

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Nothing like Hog fans. :rofl:

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