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I predict it will be a serious mistake to sell alcohol to a college game crowd. I personally would vote no.

You realize that over 50 schools are already doing it? And that it was already being served at RRS in club areas?

I bought beer at an SMU game in 1999. This is not new. Only in the Bible Belt is it an issue.

Yes. I personally don’t hardly drink. I have never had a drink at a game or even at a tailgate. But it doesn’t bother me. Will there be an occasional issue with a drunk? Yes. That is, however, currently the case.

I remember writing a paper in high school about going to football games in War Memorial and being “surrounded by 50,000 drunk people.” My teacher got a kick out of it. My mom (who saw the paper and I don’t remember how), not so much. :slight_smile:

The problem I see is, 99% of the time it would be fine, but that 1% could cause a death. I personally saw some Georgia fans attack some visiting fans and the attackers turned out to be drunk. They did physically harm the other fans and the once in ten year disaster is not necessary… Frankly, I feel alcohol and large excited groups of people do not mix well. No one needs to drink at a football game.

Not doubting but where did you see this? Just seems like the other day Colorado and Rutgers were the only two that served.

Personally, I think legal beer will lead to less illegal bourbon in the stands.

Less whiskey in the stands is a good thing in terms of the likelihood of problems.

Bring it on… monetize an activity that’s happening and will always happen. Secondly, anything that riles up our morality police in the Bible Belt makes me chuckle.

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I can imagine it’s going to be a hassle for fans both trying to get to the restroom “more often”, and also for the fans having to stand up and move out of the way for those needing to pee. Of course speaking for an older male…well, you know!

Gotcha. Not something I keep up with.

Regardless of the stance, I doubt selling booze will sway many to attend games. Some but not much.

I think HDTVs and the cost of attending are the two main factors. I also think the market has priced out a good amount of fans from attending.

As an older male… no more of an issue than it is now when someone gets wiped out in the parking lot, comes in staggering drunk already and is stepping on my toes going to and from the restroom once a quarter. And it’s not just men. A woman darn near crushed my toe with a high heel once coming back from the restroom at RRS and not even an apology.

Outside of a few games, the cost of a secondary ticket has been cheap, winning brings out the crowd. Being in the stadium when it’s a game that means something, is still something that can’t be replicated on the couch. There’s a reason Baum-Walker was full the past two weekends, and those games could be seen on the HDTV,

Winning definitely helps, but the cost continues to go up with donations, ticket prices and hotels.

Baseball can fill the stadium with people from NWA.

It can, but it doesn’t. I was up for both the regional and super, plenty of travelers heading up to the ball games and in the motels. I sat with people from Alabama, Vilonia, Conway, Jonesboro, and Little Rock.

There are no donations required to buy the tickets of off Stubhub, etc., so that’s a inaccurate statement. As to motels, they’re cheaper as you go north of Fayetteville, and the LR/Conway/Ft Smith fans don’t need one.

I’m sure there are people from other areas but I would bet the majority is from NWA.

Agree on Stubhub when the team is losing. In normal years when the team is winning the majority of people donate.

I use to stay in Fayetteville, but the hotels started charging more a few years ago. Now I stay in Rogers and those rates have gone up quite a bit. I use to pay about 70-80 bucks a night and now it’s 120-140.

Two nights of hotels, gas money, food for the weekend and tickets and you’re probably looking at 600-1200 a weekend depending on the size of the family.

We already sell beer and wine in all of the club seating areas. It makes no since to me that the other areas of the stadium can’t have the same option. I’m guessing that’s one of the factors…selling wine & beer in the club areas makes it a more attractive seat, therefore one of the reasons for the higher price.

It’s your choice to stay two nights, there aren’t two night minimums at 90% of the places north of Fayetteville. Crystal Bridges has caused an increase for those motels north of Fayetteville, although they still do dynamic charging according to the opponent.

I guess if we ever turn it back around, we’ll see how much of it’s “cost”, I still think it’s winning for the largest part. Fans travel and spend the night at lots of schools, it’s the choice fans make.

Agree on the winning, but teams that are winning are seeing a decrease in attendance.