aTm: looking at 1-5?


After a four-year extension last year, Texas A&M is now scheduled to pay Fisher a fully guaranteed average of $9.5 million a year for the next 10 years. Fisher is the Aggies’ primary play caller. Given his salary, the buck stops with him. But given his chosen role, there also is no one else to blame for a poor offensive performance.
(I highlighted that last sentence.)

As long as we beat them, I don’t care what becomes of the Aggies.


I bet some of the TAMU 5* recruits in 2021 are looking at the transfer portal already. Maybe they’ve learned that NIL money is nice, but it’s not the most important thing to consider when picking a school.

Hogs need to put a wuppin’ on the Aggies next week.


Be interesting. Teams in the past suffering BIG upsets have bounced back and went on to have a good year. Not beyond the realm…

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They struggled against Arkansas and then beat Bama. Never ever saw that happening.

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Everyone seems to undervalue App State.

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App St is a good SBC program, but they shouldn’t have been able to hang with TAMU. App lost to UNC a week ago. UNC ain’t bad & the score was close, but UNC isn’t that great, either. Unless App wins out & beats somebody good in a bowl game, I’m not going to give too much credit to them. Upsets like this happen every year. They usually expose the weaknesses in the P5 team more than they make the G5 team p5-like.

Yep. We did not in 1992 (did beat Tennessee, but overall, not a good record) but I have seen lots of teams bounce back from this type of thing. I am not putting the A$M game in the win column yet.


Expect that aTm will reverse itself & start playing competitive football again - even though Jimbo’s contract (with current season buyout at $85.9M) does not offer him much incentive to perform. Just hope aTm does not improve too much before we play them in a couple of weeks.

App State scored 40 points in the fourth quarter and lost. Which I think is a record. UNC’s defense is horrible.


That’s 40 points, 338 yards, and 6 plays of 20+ yards in the 4th quarter. App State also scored touchdowns on each of their first 3 possessions in the first quarter. But had about 50 yards offense in the 2nd quarter and in the 3rd quarter and were shut out in each. Go figure.

Btw, not saying that an App State victory at A&M i
was not a big surprise and massive upset, but it’s not THAT shocking. They were favored over UNC. They did not beat A&M by a fluke, they outplayed them. And over the years they have had the most consistent program in the state of North Carolina. Good year after year. And that’s more than you can say about North Carolina, NC State,….or Texas A&M.


Apparently many of the aTm players indicated lack of motivation & buy-in during practices & obviously at the game. That was apparent in the lackluster way that they played throughout the game on both offense & defense last Saturday. Of course that all falls on Jimbo.

At aTm midnight yell practices Friday night before the game where the students practice their nerd-like chants, the aggie cheerleaders ridiculed & mocked App State including their name, where the school is located, their ability to read, etc. The aTm hype & belittling of other schools (not unlike ut) never ends & always enjoy seeing it backfire on them on game day.

Like many discussions, the truth usually lies in the middle of the two extremes. Probably the same here.

Certainly looks like A&M has some problems. Yes. But those problems weren’t unknown to everyone even before the App State game. They just became glaring to the rest of us. after the game.

It is certainly possible that A&M loses to Miami, Arkansas, MSU, then Alabama… thus starting 1-5. Probably not likely. They are more likely to “turn things around” and go 7-5 or 8-4 this season, than they are to totally implode and not even be bowl eligible in December. (My understood perspective is that if the Aggies start 1-5, then they likely will totally implode this season).

They may implode if they go 7-5.


Often find that the football teams with overwhelming talent, best paid coaches, & deepest of pockets can’t overcome bad team chemistry. Too many prima donnas on one team, especially those void of respected coaching leadership & motivators, often fail to achieve their on paper potential. That has often been the problem at ut & aTm where player & culture of arrogance & entitlement have taken precedence, especially on game day.


I wonder how NIL deals figure in to the lack of effort/cohesion at A&M. Is this the total collapse of college football we’ve been warned about?

Eh. I think it’s Jimbo being Jimbo and Aggies being Aggies. They’ve been shooting themselves in both feet for decades.

These predictions of A&M’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Worst case, 8-4 for the Aggies.

I expect they will win Saturday, but if they don’t, they’ll get back to winning, unfortunately against Arkansas.

It’s going to be a very difficult game for Arkansas, whether A&M is 1-2 or 2-1.


CSP has been able to play the disrespect card the whole time he’s been here. With continued wins, we’re going to see what happens when the Hogs are favorites week in and week out. I think this group buys into what they are selling and that’s a good thing!