aTm at Arkansas game 3

Detmer has thrown a lot of pitches this early. 64 through 2

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Franklin all of sudden not seeing the ball well

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Agree, he’s struggling!

Cmon Lockhart!! Good needed that DP. One more!

Why are we pitching to him!! Just gave them a run!

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If we are going to throw that bad, why let him get ahead and give something to hit?

Made 0 sense

First easy inning for detmer. Would have liked to get him close to 90 pitches.

I’m glad we’re changing… Don’t have much faith in Lockhart. Hopefully Noland can get back soon and be sharp and take that Sunday Start,Costeiu can be good if he’s on

Seems like our starters are allergic to the sixth inning. I guess Pallette went 6 yesterday but otherwise…

You are kidding me! Thats how you give up big innings yep there ya go!

Battles has had some very visible errors the last couple of weeks

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We’ve gift wrapped their last 3 runs. Better start swinging the bats!

Boom that a boy Moore! Shame we aren’t up 4-1

Needed that.

This guys good stuff,not going to get much more off him. Now can hold them down?no Kopps today. Lot of innings to cover

Are you kidding me! Trying our best to just give them the game

Where’s Zeb?

SMH getting exactly what we deserve

Not looking good. Poor pitching and a costly error. We’re gonna need some big innings off their BP if we want win this.