aTm at Arkansas game 3

not streaming today?

Streaming, at 2 when the game starts.

Sometimes they stream the pre-game show. It didn’t work yesterday, but it is on now. (1:30)

ESPN Watch! Found it!

Lockhart needs to set the tone for the day. Don’t let them get any mojo

If Lockhart has a good start I hope our bats get hit and score a few quick runs.
Man a win today would be sweet!

Well a solo homer not exactly the start I hoped for but you have to score to win!

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Ball gonna fly today, if you’re a hit to contact guy, could be in trouble

Got to get better swings than that with bases loaded, none were strikes

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Yeah, even I could tell that was a poor at bat

All out of the zone and that’s not typical for Smith.

Not a good AB by Battles, either

Cmon Moore need a hit!

2 runners on and 1 out. Time to make something happen

The hogs just need to pick a run across the plate! Poor AB by Moore. Goodheart needs to get the 2 out hit.

Make em pay Wallace!

There ya Go!

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Good now we even on cheap hits!quit begging Babies!