aTm at Arkansas DH game 2

I’m still waiting on the lineups, but I wanted to start the new thread.

OM 9-Ms state 0 after 7.

Vols were up 2-0 on Vandy, but an error on the EOE third baseman led to three unearned runs on a three-run jack. Vandy up 3-2.

Yep that will kill you.

What time does game 2 start??

500 I think

I wonder if DVH would have let one of his pitchers go 120 plus pitches in a blowout like Ole Miss did today?

I really doubt DVH would let a pitcher throw that many pitches in any game.

Leiter gives up 3 HR but leads 4-3

I think DVH has probably had an itchy trigger finger on taking out pitchers with the number of arms we have. Wick could have stayed in today. Can’t argue with the results, but Wick also could have stayed in.

Great start for Palette!

Better start for Goodheart!

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Hmmm game 2 not streaming on secn+??

Way to go Matt.We going to have to layoff the high FB though

Is for me

Well dang, not showing watch on my end!! Only game to.

1-0 Hogs Goodheart HR

Sometimes it shows both the game just played and the live game. Exit out of ESPN and then go back to search

Grand-slam tenn!! 7-4 tenn!!