aTm at Arkansas DH game 1

Today’s view


Loved seeing Goodheart go the other way.need a crooked # here

Atta boy Brady, but come on Cayden! Never make the first out at home or third,cost us a run

Made him throw over 30 pitches and Good to get off to a lead,Hope Wick can be sharp and give us 6

Great inning Wick!

Boom! Slavens and Goodheart take the LH deep! 5-0

That’s our two dingers for the day. In two innings.

Need Wick to go 5+ and save the pen for this evening.

If Wicklander can go 5 plus it gives the bullpen some much needed relief.
The offense has showed out a little.
The only bluish so far the base running mistake by Wallace running through the stop sign making the first out at the plate in the first inning.

Softball up 5-1 on Jawja in the fourth.

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It’s hard to strike out seven people in 50 pitches, but Wick has done it.

Can anyone explain why espn+ doesn’t broadcast sec sports on a regular basics?? It’s a waste of a sec channel with all the sports going on and I think I’ve seen diamond hogs play twice on the sec channel and the number one team at that.

Great job wick should’ve been out of the inning but as it is were one swing away from having a ball game again,Great job Monke!

I don’t know why they don’t use the SECN alternate channel more. Only use it for football AFAIK.

We’re on main SECN Thursday at SoCar if weather cooperates. And the Friday after that at LSU.

Softball won 5-2. Mary Haff pitched complete game. Go for the sweep tomorrow.


Atta boy Monke!

Softball is rolling! Think I’ll ask Paul finebaum what the answer is.

Awesome job of hitting by Wallace

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Even better news OM 6 MS state 0 in the 4th and LSU already lost 4-2

Monke is nasty today, hope he can stay in this groove the rest of the yr.