Athlon Sports SEC football 2017 All-Conference team(s)

Arkansas has several players on offense and defense but mostly on third and fourth teams. Ragnow, as expected is first team at center. … ence-team/

I think that’s fair considering how Arkansas finished the season.

We have 1 more on the list than Kentucky but they have 1 - 1st teamer & 3 - 2nd teamers while we have 1 - 1st teamer and the rest 3rd & 4th teamers.

I also think the ranking of our best players may be a fair indicator of where we may finish in the West. We will likely be fighting MsSt for 5th place.

I always got a copy of Athlon at Walmart during the summer while growing up. Looking through this…

Surprised Stidham got the nod over Allen for second-team. I feel like Austin will be first or second by media this summer. I like Fitzgerald a lot.

Trayveon Williams fourth-team All-Purpose?! I like him more than just about any back except Guice and maybe Chubb.

I feel like Cornelius could put up big numbers and wind up making a postseason team.

History says Arkansas will have one of the best TEs in the conference… We know Cantrell will be a plus blocker and solid WR, but can Jeremy Patton step in and be the kind of pass catcher to put himself in the conversation?

Can’t argue with Sosa and Pulley being 3rd team and Dre being 4th. I could see Sosa and Pulley maybe winding up higher on postseason lists. Pulley was an absolute stud this spring.

Did a quick tally of the selections:

Bama 15
Florida 13
Georgia 10
Auburn 10
Arkansas 7
Kentucky 7
Texas A&M 6
Missouri 6
Ole Miss 5
Tennessee 5
South Carolina 5
Vandy 5

I know these magazine lists make for great fodder during a time of the year when there’s not much to talk about, but I really hate all preseason lists. I don’t have a particular qualm with this list (although I would put AA at second team). But what I hate about these kind of things is too often certain players get locked into first- or second-team positions and when somebody steps up (for a lesser team) and has a better year, they get overlooked for the “name” players. In fairness, part of that is not the fault of the preseason mags.

When did all-conference lists expand to four teams?