At what point does this affect recruiting?

Dudley or Richard, any insight? Awful optics with these losses and I just wonder how soon doubt starts creeping in.

About 3 hours ago.

About a week ago.

Recruits at the game were apparently making jokes about how trash we are.


Well, that’s sure as hell discouraging. Regardless, I would like to know how badly this hurts us. Kids want to play where they win. I’m not sure how successfully Morris can sell hope for the future.

Probably helps recruiting, confident they will play.

Little confidence in future does not always play well w recruits

Obviously, losing will affect recruiting and most likely in a negative way.
The coaching staff will have its work cut out for them trying to convince SEC caliber type of talent to sign up for this rebuilding process which has only just begun.
While most college players never get drafted by the NFL, that is the goal for star eyed 4 - 5 star recruits, so playing for a team that doesn’t resonate to these kids and their parents as a winning program can’t help the recruiting process in landing this type of talent.
Time will tell.

Go Hogs!

this will the theme for the next 3 weeks and maybe the rest of the season Chavis only know pressure defene and we don’t have the personnel to run it and the OL can’t block a soul and it will be a miracle if we have a healthy QB by the tiem we play OM worst I have ever seen!!

It will affect recruiting a lot if we don’t show improvement as the season goes. The fans that want to fire CCM are being stupid because they are hurting recruiting. I think we are going to have to add 2-3 JUCO studs and they look for instant playing time that we can offer.

I’m glad Jefferson is at the Ole Piss game…

If CMM starts losing recruits we are really in trouble, he can recruit out of this most likely but not sure how long it will take or if the PTB can wait that long.