At the LSU/Sooner is brutal

I am reminded why I cannot stand LSU…their fans are the worst. I hope Clemson wins and beats LSU in New Orleans.

You’ve obviously not been around blOwU very much.
Geaux Tigers!

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They were all obnoxious as we were waiting to get in…but I have an extremely overzealous foul mouthed heavy woman right behind me…i got tickets in the OU section hoping to avoid the LSU fans but it was not meant to be…

is the mercy rule applicable is this situation??

I have a good friend that loves OU and and is quite obnoxious about it. He also refuses to acknowledge the SEC is a better conference.

This is quite enjoyable.


That’s pretty much a redundancy. You can’t spell obnoxious without OU.


Yeah I have a friend that is a big Zero U fan and he’s not responding to me today (lives in FL)… but I know he’s reading my text…

I’m no LSU fan, but I want them to beat the crap out of OU, a team I’ve loathed since I was a student at the UA. Besides, I tend to cheer for the SEC in bowl games. So far the SEC is making the Big 12 (or whatever they call themselves) look pretty weak right now.

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Most OU fans are obnoxious. Most of the Ou fans diss the SeC. I can see the Big 12 going 0-6 in bowl games including 3 losses to SEC teams.

This is an LSU team with as much NFL talent as I can recall in several years. Oklahoma is not in the same class as the top three this year.

Ou is no better than Aggies. They are a five loss team in the SEC.

Slow your roll there. Not remotely accurate.

The Oklahoma team that was on the field tonight would have given up a lot of points to many SEC teams. They were thin on defense all year and that’s the difference between them and an SEC team. No depth.

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This is what happens when you play paper tigers all year then in the last game run into the real thing.
YOU just get MAULED!

I’m a mild OU fan because my daughter goes there. Enhanced by the Hogs sucking in football. Yes, OU’s defense is still the main issue. Work in progress with DC Grinch. Hurts was also the issue. He’s nowhere near as talented as Mayfield and Murray. Or Tua. He can’t make quick decisions throwing the ball. Not that accurate either. Dumb fumbles and picks. But he can run some, just not against a team like LSU.

All that said, OU’s offense is still good and OU would beat 2/3 of the SEC teams — most easily — on that basis alone. The SEC is a top heavy league. OU is not as good as LSU or Bama. Maybe not as good as Georgia or Auburn. Close on those two — 50/50. Riley needs better QB play and he will get it next year with Rattler. Meanwhile, if Baylor beats Georgia — which could happen — then I guess the “Big 12 is weak” mantra can again be questioned, right?

Here’s another observation. Since when has a team that relies mostly on Texas HS talent in recruiting last won a title? Texas in 2005?

Everyone wants to recruit Texas, including Ark. and OU, but I am beginning to question whether Texas HS athletes are as tough, hungry and as physically gifted as those in the Deep South. Painting with a broad brush, of course, but that has crossed my mind. The economy and job market has been so good in Texas, I just wonder if many Texas HS athletes see their parents succeeding in life without football. They sort of say “so what?” as to football and lack the drive to really and truly grind and develop. The same might also be said about California recruits. When was the last time a West Coast team relying on California HS talent won a football title?


Interesting comments. I have felt for a long time that the high number of D-1 signees from Texas was more to do with the large number of D-1 schools in the state too lazy or cheap to recruit out of state. When you combine that with well funded and competitive high school player development there, you get a large number of maxed out athletes with not much more potential to develop. Even LSU, with its only major program in the state with the highest per capita rate of NFL players, doesn’t recruit just from its home state. Joe Burrow from Ohio being the latest example.

The top players in Texas are as good as any states top players, developed to the max, and used to elite competition. Those are worth fighting for and draw LSU, OU, and many others to try really hard to get them. As you go down the list, a “yet to be developed well” 3-star from a lightly recruited state may be a better recruit than a “already developed to the max” 3-star from Texas. JMVHO

Any time Blowu loses its a good day. My in-laws are in Oklahoma I cant wait to hear all the excuses they will have for the loss.

Texas is losing defensive linemen to the SEC. Don’t know why, but the Big 12 is not getting the defensive lineman produced by the SEC. I was told it initially was because of spread teams but everyone uses spread now.

Game illustrates to me that the walk from the castle to the outhouse is not that long of a walk. Not sure where Oklahoma would have finished in the SEC as they are no way as bad as they looked against LSU but the wear and tear of surviving the SEC takes a toll on teams. I am in no way delusional about how bad Arkansas was but this game illustrates just how tough it is to compete in the SEC. Every team in the West competed better against LSU than Oklahoma did last night.

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Better facilities, better coaching, better support staffs and more drafted into the NFL. TV money has consolidated the haves and have nots. I think I read 13 of last 14 championship games have had SEC in it and most wins as well. Do well in SEC and you will get paid