At the game tonight - worst

I have seen the Hogs play in a while

No shooters. Expect more. Just my opinion

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If the officials are going to let teams play football on the court like in the LSU game, the Hogs will suffer. WE live playing inside and going to the FT line. With very little to no calls it will severely limit us with a weak outside game. I saw many and 1’s that should have been called and a few shooting fouls that were strangely called on the floor.

It was a strange night for both the Football and Basketball teams as far as officials are concerned.


I was thinking the same thing about he officiating against the Hogs today. Got screwed without the Vaseline in both games today. What a butt hurt.
However, I was really proud of the kids effort on the court and field. I think the Hogs will beat LSU by 20+ points in January for the rematch at the Bud.
UA…Campus of Champions

You either have a short memory or didn’t watch us play unc Greensboro 4 games ago.

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