At Rupp tonight

Sorry I know it’s not football

But at Rupp waiting for the luau to begin

I miss the days Arkansas was a beast

Oh it could be really bad tonight unfortunately.

Line is 15.5. I’m afraid that’s low. But they could surprise me.

Honestly I think UK didn’t take them serious and got really frustrated

One Arkansas got punched in the face and it wasn’t called

Sec Refs are who they are

But Arkansas didn’t show up to be a Luua Pig

Between UK’s Herro and Ark missing free throws in the second half the Razorbacks couldn’t pull off the upset

I think the Hogs ran out of gas

But proud how they played - I expected a blowout but Arkansas was respectable but still a loser

I don’t know if I’m more relived they played respectable or if I’m more tire of losing and disappointment

Still I was thete in one of College Footbalks great venues

There with about 25 other brave Razorback fans who traveled to support the Hogs

Lastly UK fans are looking forward to playing Arkansas in football too

UK really enjoys beating Arkansas