At midnight

coaches will be able to reach out to junior prospects directly without having to go through a third party.

For instance, a college coach would ask a kid’s HS coach to tell the kid to call him. At midnight coaches can direct message kids on social media or can text him.

Will add one of the ways some coaches get around the no direct contact prior to Sept 1 is to DM a camp invite. Coaches can send camp info prior to Sept. 1 but they do it often as a signal for the kid to call them. Skirting the rules? You bet.

I’ve heard coaches using their spouses or girlfriend’s phone to call kids before Sept. 1.

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That last sentence RD just explained a lot.
Could give a new meaning to the term
“Call Girls”


Pittman reached out to Ryan Wingo last night.

List of schools QB DJ Lagway text me saying these schools reached out.

USC, Georgia Tech, LSU, Oregon, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida Baylor Texas A&M, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Tennessee, Florida State, Kansas State,Texas, Clemson, Georgia, Houston, Auburn UCLA, Miami UCF, Michigan State.

Arkansas reached out to QB Walker White. Briles & Loggains reached out to his dad.

Having Loggains involved is a great idea.

If Briles leaves for a Head Coaching job, Loggains would be odds on favorite to become OC.

Jimmy Smith made contact with David, who’s a major target.

Jimmy Smith also reached out to Dwight. He’s a major target at RB along with David Eziomume.

Phillips has recorded 10.43 seconds in the 100.

The schools that reached out to Walker White.

Ole Miss
Michigan St
West Virginia
Virginia Tech
OU Florida K-State Duke

Kennedy reached out to Daniel and also told him he was sending a hand written letter his way.

DB Tevis Metcalf, the brother of Arkansas commitment TJ Metcalf, said Pittman was one of the first coaches to reach out.

Fletcher said Pittman contacted him at 1 am and Kennedy reached out at 7 am. They said they’re looking forward to seeing him next weekend.

He plans to attend the Arkansas- South Carolina game.

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