At least we’re putting enough heat

On them that they can’t relax with their pitching. Down 3 runs with 3 outs to go isn’t a recipe for winning, but we know how quickly things can turn if a pitcher with no control comes in. SC can’t afford to throw Johnny 9th-pitcher.

Of course, I have no idea what they have for tomorrow. I just hope our pitching is good & theirs goes south. Each of us has now had one game like that.

It’s not like all of those walks were on bad pitches. The umpire was crazy bad and unpredictable. Late in the game we took cuts at balls over our head that might have been called balls.
Tomorrow is a new day and another game no big deal. At least we won’t have the same idiot behind the plate.

I wished our Hogs had not come out flat today, now it all comes down to one game, at home with most of the pressure being on the Hogs with its high expectations and high rankings since pre-season. I hope the challenge of the big stage in a winner takes all game isn’t too big for this team.
We will all have the answer to that question tomorrow.

Go Hogs!