At least we didn't let D. Smith torch us as a receiver

Punt return, yes, but he’s making ND look silly. So is Mac Jones.

I thought we were charred by the Tide.

Jones threw for 208 and no TDs at RRS. Smith (who seems to be the Heisman favorite) wasn’t even their leading receiver against us; Metchie was. They only gained 443 total yards; they’re at 390 right now against ND. And 80 of those was by a third-string RB in garbage time. But we couldn’t block their pass rush and we gave them four turnovers, and Smith took that punt to the house,

Alabama is so good they can beat a very good Notre Dame team without breaking a sweat. Brian Kelly looked at the Bama game films and probably thought, “There is no way we can beat this team”. He didn’t say it, but I bet he thought it.

Good point. Brian Kelly probably thought that, too.

Against Bama, Hogs Rushed 3 and dropped 8. Played what is called Cloud 33. You drop a safety and both corners deep. Hard to get beat deep but that leaves lots of underneath spots open. Jones made only one mistake and Catalon got it. But the targeting penalty negated it.

Notre Dame tried to stop the run and played a lot of man on Smith. Suicide.

Where’s chip these days? Miss that guy.

ND has good lines. Not sure they have anything else.

Edit to add TEs.

Chip Kelly is at UCLA.

Are you surprised he hasn’t got back to the top? Is it lack of D?

He is a strange bird. And Oregon was a great fit. I have no clue why he thought the NFL would work. Might figure it out at UCLA. It would seem possible.

I will say that I don’t stay up with the west coast teams as well as I should so can’t say what surprises me.

That’s fair. I don’t either. I just assumed it has to be either his ideas are no longer fresh or his d is terrible. You know, kinda like the the leach issue.

If you’ll remember, we shook up the starting lineup in the secondary v Bama. Secondary performed much better actually

They gave them underneath. Saban said it was same scheme used except for Missouri. Basically had to play zone to help linebackers against the run with Grant Morgan out.

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