At least two OVing to the Hill this coming weekend

OLB Zach Zimos of Richmond (Texas) Fort Bend Travis and RB Aaron Young of Coatesville, Pa.

Maybe more.

Zimos ESPN profile: … zach-zimos

Zimos HUDL:

Aaron Young HUDL:

Young has Arkansas, Nebraska, Rutgers, North Carolina, Michigan State offers.

Both will get into town on Sunday.

Zimos looks like he has good speed for his size, which I’m sure his frame could take another 30 pounds. Could be a good prospect.

Not blown away with Young’s Highlights.
Does he have good speed, didn’t see any big break aways for the moment I watched?
Also what’s the competition like.

Waiting to release a third visitor.

Did you watch his highlights on his 247 profile? I wasn’t impressed by that high light either, but thats not the one to watch. Check out his Junior season video on his hudl profile, im sure it will change your mind about him.

Richard, think there is a good chance we could get a commitment from Zimos after his OV? Seems high on the hogs from what ive read

I would think so.

You’re right, those are better.

Still think that he’s not the prospect that Eric Grey, Marcus Major or Spivey is, those guys really jump off the film to me.

Eric is my first choice for sure, the Marcus second. But i like Aaron as the 3rd option, very elusive with good speed. I think i read somewhere that he wasnt the main RB last season, but will be his senior year. He averaged 10yrds per carry, very similar to what Eric averaged.

10 pc is definitely a good stat. He has good feet is one thing I did notice.

Eric gray is a baller. Haven’t heard his name in a while. We Still high on his list?

At this point, I don’t see him and Arkansas.

Bummer. All aboard the Marcus Major train I suppose

RD…probably a really dumb question on my part thus a very simple answer back from you but here it goes…

Why are both coming in on Sunday? Something to do with NCAA rules? Just curious why not on Friday since both will be OVing.

Thanks RD!

Major will more than likely to go OU.

Think they want them to be there for the camp that runs from 5 to 9 pm.

Is there going to be a 3rd visitor?

Sorry for the late response but thank you for responding to my question as always RD!

As I understand it you cannot compete at a camp and be on an official visit at the same time so they will probably camp and then go on their official visit.