At least one move has happened

Someone asked about Maleek Barkley the other day. Well he has moved to RB and I’m told he’s pumped.

That’s what he played in HS. The new offense will feature two backs a lot so the move makes sense. Instead of basically one tailback in the old offense you’ll see two in this offense quite often.

His HS running back tape is terrific. Great to hear.

He really impressed when he first got here and practiced. I’m sure they like his speed.

What an interesting move. I wonder if they might envision something similar for Jarrod Barnes, who of course ran the ball a lot at Cabot while playing QB.

Thanks RD - it was I who inquired.

Thought this might happen, as I knew he was a RB in HS. Based on the offensive personnel types we had under CBB, was not surprised he was projected at WR for that coaching staff. Similarly, I can see him fitting well at RB for this new group and their offensive philosophy.

He did look good in that State Championship game (2016). Only time I watched him play.

Here is a short - but impressive - highlight reel: