At least no rubbing it in with Texas Tech posts this week

Texas Tech lost to a 14-19 West Virginia team.

Man, what has this board has done to me? I used to root for Chris Beard. Even kind of got to know him. Now I find myself rooting for Tech to lose.

Clearly were not prepared, played soft and West Virginia wanted it more.

I joke.

Joking aside, the story of the game was, you got it, offensive rebounding. West Virginia outrebounded Tech 44-30 and had 19 offensive rebounds to Tech’s 7.

Looks like some fundamentals were lacking with the Tech players. Now I joke.

The Beard love fest has to take a back seat when Texas Tech gets beat and pretty bad. I guess they were poorly coached today!
Poetic justice. The hugs should have beat them. I hope we get them at Bud Walton next season.

I am the same way. I always liked Tech from the old SWC days,but now are glad when they get beat, just because of Beard.

and I always pull for him. I know he’ll never be our coach, so that’s not my angle.

when he was here in LR, just seemed like a good person, good coach. with all the scum coaching these days, he seems like one of the good guys.

Now, I’ve never liked Tx Tech, going back to SWC days, so i’ts a little hard to pull for them.

yesterday’s game was terrible for Tech, they just looked slow everywhere and lost on offense. If hat had been a hog game, folks would have been in a frenzy about the coaching.


Yeah, probably knocked them out of the NCAA’s…

Nice comeback there. But could knock them out of Top 10. Remember the Texas Tech as a Top 10 team thread?

Just having fun in the middle of disappointment.

Home, road, neutral can do crazy things, but there’s something extra chaotic about conference tournament time.

Jan. 2 - Texas Tech 62, @ West Virginia 59
Feb. 4 - @ Texas Tech 81, West Virginia 50
Mar. 14 - West Virginia 79, Texas Tech 74

Iowa State beat WVa at home by 25, lost on the road by 15.

OU lost at WVa by 8, won at Norman by 12, lost in the Big 12 tourney by 1.

Kansas lost at WVa by 1, beat the Mountaineers at Phog Allen by 25, and the rubber match is tonight.

Agree, we all seem to be reaching for something that’s not there…

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