At least five kids expected to visit this weekend

RD, Brad Davis already had Curry committed to Missouri and Henderson had Missouri as high interest very recently during his recruitment could bode well for CSP’s first hiring Of Brad Davis as OL coach knowing that this is the first area of weakness in our roster that needs to upgrade immediately.
Would love to get both of these guys, but one of two at this point would be a great sign about how much respect these two coaches have with recruits.

Hearing there could be a few more. At this time, I wouldn’t expect the number to hit 10. Appears it will be less.

I see where Darin Turner is making his 2nd OV to Arkansas. New NCAA rule (2018)

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Pittman is WORKING his tail off right now!!!

Other places reporting he won’t be here this weekend. I hope he is.

What’s conversion percentage when you get a guy on campus?

It’s just positive for Coach to get them on campus period!

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Ok, I’m taking JJ Hester off the list. I misread a text. I could see another being added.

Is the name of the kid you weren’t ready to share yesterday on that list RD?

No he’s not.

Lack of interest on his part or still not ready for his name to be out?

The latter.

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