At game last night

Enjoyed watching hogs. Glad we won. But this post is about Dickey Stephens park.

They oversold tickets. Grass burn was full and no room. At least 1000 people w no where to sit. The concessions were pathetic. Took 2 innings to grab a hot dog and beer. Ran out of hotdogs in first inning and you had to wait for them to make more. Also ran out of beer twice. They were totally unprepared for the crowd. Lines very long and lots of complaints from crowd. We brought chairs but nowhere to set them down. Had to stand entire game along w many others. Not sure I’ll do this again next year.

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Totally agree. They were completely overwhelmed. Must have expected a normal Travelers crowd, which is insane.

Took 20 minutes to have tickets scanned. 2 lines only. They finally opened another line.

The normal experience there on a Friday or Saturday night, even with a big crowd, is fan friendly and easy, so it’s pretty disappointing to see they flubbed up what should have been a big night for them selling concessions.

It did not help that the Travs played an 11:05 game yesterday which was one of the school kids’ specials they have early every season. That game drew 6600 people, and probably stretched out their people resources pretty good for everything but selling beer. They likely needed to bring additional people in for the Hogs over the extra people that would have needed to be there over a normal Tuesday night game. Since they hire a lot of high school kids to work the busier weekends, they may have had trouble getting enough people in to handle one really big and one huge crowd on a Tuesday.

They’d be better off if the Travs did not play a game the day the Hogs come into town. But that may not be possible every year. Hopefully they will do a little better next year.

Wow sold out of hot dogs in the first inning!! That’s unbelievable it’s not like they’ve not had a big crowd at the stadium before when we’ve shown up…

It would also help if we scheduled the game time for 6:30 or 7. Rush hour traffic. Lots arrived late. Was just a cluster.

Sorry to hear it was a cluster.

Sorry to hear that it was a bad experience.

I did a double-take when I saw the crowd announced at 10,333. That has to be a record since most everything you find on Dickey-Stephens show it has around 5,800 permanent seats and room for around 2,500 more on the berm. Going by that, you’re 2k over the estimated capacity. That would definitely lead to a lot of people standing and frustrated.

And since it’s a one game a year deal, they have to know that if the weather is good that most everyone with a ticket is going to show.

A Jeff Long kinda failure…:sunglasses::smirk:

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Where was the game?

Dicky Stevens Park

Seems like I’ve missed only 1 game the Hogs played at D-S park. It’s always like that. I complained about it last night, too. The Hog crowds are always 10k+ and the stadium is just not designed to handle anything close to a crowd that size. I rarely attend Travelers games–maybe 1 or 2 per year–and the crowds are no more than 2-3k. I expect most crowds are in the 1500 range. For that kind of crowd there are enough restrooms & concession stands. There are nowhere near enough for a sold out crowd (about 7,500). At 10,000 it’s a complete joke.

I got there early because I can’t walk long distances any more, so I needed to get a close by spot. By doing so, I got a drink & corndog and resolved to make no attempt at standing in those long lines once the first pitch neared or the game started. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same option for standing in line at the men’s room. The line was always 30+ people standing outside the entry. I missed most of the 6th inning in line at the restroom.

It’s good the hogs play there. It boosts fan interest in Central Ark. I know people who go to the D-S game that never go to BWS. Some of those are from places like Forrest City, Wynne, Brinkley, Stuttgart. That makes it a good idea to play there. If possible, they should probably play 2 games there–and limit ticket sales to about 8,000.

Pro baseball might be about to fix this problem, though. They’re requiring a major upgrade of minor league parks including Dickey Stephens. NLR is faced with having to decide if it can afford the upgrades to keep the Travs. The Travs have limited funds & the City of NLR owns the stadium. Don’t know how it’ll end up. Neither do I know if any upgrades includes better concession & restroom facilities for larger crowds.

BTW. The only ticket I could buy (waited too long, I guess) was a berm ticket. However, there were dozens of empty seats behind both dugouts & home plate. I just sat in one. Planned to move if anyone claimed the seat. No one did.

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