At Auburn

They still don’t have a head coach. Sarkisian declined to interview. The new coach is being asked to keep staffers to avoid a $3 million buy-out of assistant coach salaries. It would appear that UAB’s Bill Clark is a serious candidate. Could that re-unite Chad Morris and Joe Craddock? Joe is Bill Clark’s tight ends coach at UAB.

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The rate they’re going they may hire Joe Craddock as HC. The rumor mill has them keeping Kevin Steele, who failed almost as badly as Baylor HC as Morris did here.

I’m guessing Jimmy Rane is writing a big check to make Saint Gus go away but wasn’t willing to cover the staff buyout too.

Damn. I am so sorry to hear Auburn is having a hard time finding a coach. It just upsets me to no end :rofl: :rofl:


They could hire Phat Phil. He would be glad to keep the assistants.

:sob: :sob:

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I don’t think Fulmer wants to be the head coach. He might like to be the interim coach, but not do all of the recruiting and daily coach stuff. Long, long hours.

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Big Auburn boosters were pushing Steele, it seems, but the part of the fan base that isn’t swimming in cash let it be known they didn’t like that idea. So Clark is the current frontrunner.

Wonder if they wish they’d let us have Gus? Personally I’m glad they didn’t. He wore out his welcome and emptied their piggybank at the same time.


I understand they would want to keep Steele as DC if they could, and maybe some of the defensive assistants, the defense has not been Auburn’s problem.

That being said, that does narrow down the pool a bit, as a lot of guys won’t like restrictions on how they put their staff together-other than this is how much dough you can spend to hire a staff.

This is simply awesome. They were so mad that didn’t even care about a plan. Gotta believe they lost their man somehow…

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Napier told them No! That’s the first nail in the deal. It may be hard to find a coach that would be willing to inherit and keep the current staff. That could be an issue.
Isn’t it great great to see auburn having a tough time! It would be funny to see them finally hire a coach in June. Of course before that happen they would just give the job to Steele!
Wow how would you feel if you were interviewing for the job and they told you that you have Morris as your OC?
Tough one to swallow.


i thought Freeze was their man…

Auburn has four men – all billionaires on their board – that want to be involved in things like schedule, picking assistant coaches, etc. They want to be in the loop. They want to be in charge. It’s the only way they know.

To take the job, a head coach has to know he can hire his own assistants, pick his schedule and have a recruiting budget that gives equal footing. Auburn’s recruiting budget is below Alabama and Georgia.

Auburn is a mess right now. Well, it has been for as long as I can recall. The head coach has to call his own shots. He should not have to ask permission to BoT for hirings and other decisions. That’s the way it is at Auburn.

I thought with the passing of Pat Dye some of that had gone away. But it has not.

Those four head honchos like Steele because he will allow them to hang out with him, but rank and file Auburn folks aren’t so sure that’s who should be head coach. Going to be interesting.

Assumed the same too, especially when Art Briles quit his HS job & some thought he might replace Freeze at Liberty.

Had naively believed that Auburn already had someone in place & ready to be hired when they fired Gus. Seemed logical that they would have identified a new coach & in preliminary negotiations before they pulled the trigger & paid Gus so much to leave. Clay’s comments explain a lot about the Auburn dysfunction. What a mess!

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ClayHenry: Auburn is a mess right now

Hate that for them…


boycott yeller wood, and don’t forget how similar ourlast two hires went. Aubbie could be backed into a good hire like Sam Pittman.

Aubbie is actually a lot more like the chaos and unrest generated when EOE-K tried to hire Greg Schiano.

Bobby Lowder and his $20 mil have generated a strong and growing #StopSteele uprising that cannot be ignored. Boy was I wrong when I thought power broker Lowder lost his board seat that Aubbie was gonna have to play by the same rules as the rest of the conference. Who is hired next will probably have a Jimmy Sexton and Nick Saban connection.

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We added a room to our home on the Norfork River this fall. I was stunned with how much lumber cost. I do not think it was Bobby Lowder pine. But it sure was expensive.

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Yep Clay. I paused building a shop to our new home bc lumber spiked this summer I guess from all the storms plus COVID affecting production? My neighbor is a contractor and he held off on his new home behind us bc lumber was so high.

Bobby Lowder owns a bank. It’s Jimmy Rane that sells overpriced lumber.


I’ll bet the ATM in the Auburn locker room is supplied by Lowders Bank.

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Bobby’s bank went under several years ago. Doubt he has the kind of cash he used to have