ASWho beat Ole Miss tonight

6-5 walkoff win in Jonesboro after the Rebnecks blew a 4-0 lead. That isn’t going to help their chances of hosting (and ASU’s RPI is worse than UALR’s was when they beat us).

After getting swept by MSU at home last weekend, this loss might be enough to keep OM from hosting. I suspect the committee won’t need much reason to pick a team from somewhere other than the SEC for a host spot. We’re already looking at several who are virtually certain to host & even be top 8 seeds: Vandy, us, UGA, MSU, It might come down to the SECT to see if there are others in the 16. TN, LSU, OM, AU & MO all have shots. OM is the lowest in the RPI among them

I still don’t consider LSU a lock to host at this point! They need to win their series this weekend and get a win in Hoover.
Auburn has the talent or beat LSU at the Box. In game 1 I think Auburn will beat LSU and it’s a toss up for game 2 and 3.
Ole Miss need to be ready to pack for a road trip! I don’t think they will host.

They’re by no means a lock to host. That’s why I said LSU is one of five that have a shot to host.

If only the hogs could have won game 3 and put the LSU tigers into the suit case mode early!
How will Florida handle their early end to baseball? They would need to win the SEC tournament to make it to post season.

I hope Tennessee wins their series against
Ole Miss that would be great to see.
The other series that could be down right awesome would be Vandy going into Kentucky and losing that series.