ASU versus UCA! Why don't THEY play every year in WMS?

If playing an instate lesser “want to be” rival is such a great thing to do, why aren’t they doing it every year?

Here is a link to show you what happened the last time they played in 2016 and UCA upset ASU-Jonesboro in Jonesboro: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … =400869815”></LINK_TEXT> The replay of the highlights is really entertaining as UCA players go nuts scoring twice in the fourth quarter and the ASU-J crowd, team, and cheerleaders stand with their mouths open in astonishment.

They actually HAVE played 25 times in the last 102 years and UCA leads the series 13-10-2. That last game seems to have made an indelible impression because UCA has been and is “nowhere to be seen” on the actual and projected ASU-J schedules since then. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … wolves.php”></LINK_TEXT>

That game is a bear trap for them and they know it. Maybe they could beat the Reddies or the Wonder Boys. They should lower their expectations. There would be too many empty seats in WMS for a wolf-bear fight anyway. Play it at Quigley or Scott Field.

Because of its naming rights deal with Centennial Bank, there is pressure for ASU to play as many games as possible in Jonesboro. I don’t think you’ll see ASU playing in Little Rock much, if at all in the future.

More financially advantageous to play in their on campus facility. The one they have spent a lot of money on. Kind of like everyone.

OK. So they should play all ten games in Jonesboro. I am sure UCA would agree to that. They get all of the benefit of helping out a lesser program and they get to keep all of the money except for a token payout to UCA. Sounds like it would be a win/win deal to Wally and all other closet ASU-J fans. :lol:

Well, a home & home series would work. If the UCA stadium is too small, which I doubt, WMS would be too big, but still it should work for the years UCA is home.

I don’t know how much “pressure” there is on ASU to play in Jonesboro. They make more money playing away from home than they make by playing in Jonesboro–even when there are as many as 20-25k there.

I presume Johnny Allison put a clause in there that they have to play X number of home games or he pulls the naming rights money. They want the name exposure to the 5000 or so people who actually care about ASU football.

I am pretty sure Arkansas State is required to play six games each year in Jonesboro as part of the naming rights agreement with Centennial Bank.

Okay. That makes sense. I assume they have 4 home conference games & can play some D2 (or whatever they’re called now) team or two every year to get to 6 home games. Doubt they can afford to play home & home with UCA or UAPB if they’re under contract to play 6 games at home